Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

here's something I've never dreamed before

A few nights ago, I dreamed I was a hawk.

Tawny brown and gold in colour, flying high, soaring on wind currents, I could feel the wind ruffling my feathers, while below me the landscape rushed along, gently rolling hills, in shades of brown and ochre, covered with low scrubby bushes in shades of green, some with flowers.

Most unusual for me, most of my dreams are of houses. Houses I recognise in my dreams as places I have lived, but in my waking hours I know that I have never seen these homes.

So why would I suddenly dream I was a hawk?

In real life, I'm not a high flyer, not by any stretch of the imagination, although I do enjoy plane flight.


  1. Perhaps you are breaking your earthbound chains, growing stronger, yearning to return to the stars!

  2. What a wonderful dream. I don't like plane flight but have often longed to fly like a bird.
    A dream of freedom?

  3. Great dream, I would love to be a hawk, but I don't like heights in real life, but in a dream it's different.
    I'm always going somewhere most of the time I don't make it or I get sidetracked.

  4. WOW that is a beautiful and descriptive paragraph.

  5. Dream flight is awesome - but I find the house dreams more interesting! That's because I was once told a house in a dream is your personality with each room a different aspect - so it will seem a bit familiar to you even if you've never seen the house before. Does that work for you?

  6. I wish I could post something really clever and interpret your dream, but I cant' even come up with anything witty. The best I can do is, everything that goes up, must come down.

  7. Hi River,

    My last dream involved alien invaders in giant spaceships. Serves me right for watching Transformers.




  8. maybe you are needing some solitude?????

  9. What a beautiful dream and that you remembered it so vividly. When I was about 8 years old I had recurring dreams that I could fly but not as a bird, but just myself a few feet above the ground.
    I must admit it always made me wish I really could fly.

  10. Yes, my childhood dreams were usually about flying. Now they're most often about an elusive bathroom.

  11. Mohave Rat; I have no wish to return to the stars, I want to stay on earth as long as I possibly can. I'd like to see my grandchildren's children.

    Elephant's Child; I thought of freedom too, but I have that already. Then I thought of travel, but I'd have to win a large chunk of cash for that to happen.

    Merle; I'm not afraid of heights. Usually I'm not going anywhere in my dreams, I'm in a house. A different house each time.

    Manzanita; it's exactly what I felt while flying.

    Red nomad OZ; that does work very well, because each house dream I've had encompasses some part of me, or something I've been wishing for, even though the house itself isn't one I've ever lived in.

    Andrew; even hawks eh? As long as I land in a shady tree. Or somewhere soft.

    Plasman; I have never, ever, dreamed of aliens. Yet.

    Delores; I have solitude, but have very close neighbours, so close I can hear them pee. Perhaps the dream indicates I'd like to live away from people. In the dream landscape there were no other houses.

    Mimsie; it was one of those short, early morning, pre-waking dreams. They're always the most vivid. When I was 8 I mostly dreamt of falling off a cliff, which never bothered me, or I dreamt of an ambulance trip to hospital, which my mum swore never happened but the memory of that is with me even in waking hours, even now, and there is a scar across one eyelid.

    Marty Damon; I've never dreamed about flying before, this was a wonderful exception for me. I hope I can dream it again, and maybe for longer so I could see more.
    An elusive bathroom seems an odd thing to dream about. Perhaps you're wanting an ensuite off your bedroom, just for you, with the main bathroom for everyone else.

  12. Hmmmm....the answer to that question could be a very interesting one! :)