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Friday, April 10, 2015

here's what happened

Yesterday afternoon, about 1pm, I felt the need to wee, so went to the toilet and peed blood. 
A bright red gusher, about a half a cup or less and then it stopped. 

I was scared silly and went racing off to the hospital where I was asked a lot of questions, did I do drugs, (no), was I sexually active, (no), have I had any pain, (no), fever, (no), felt unwell, (no) and so on.
Did I fall? No. Have I had any other trauma to the abdomen? No. 

I assume they meant had anyone punched me in the belly as they casually walked past.....

They tested both blood and urine, took my temperature, blood pressure **(ouch), examined me inside and out and guess what they found?

Nothing. Not a damn thing. 
I'm the same perfectly healthy specimen I've always been.
All the staff were very nice and I wasn't ever made to feel like I was wasting anyone's time, I was even offered a sandwich.
I was handed a letter for my regular doctor and I'll go to see him first thing Monday morning. He'll probably repeat all the previous tests for his own peace of mind and mine.
Then everyone will cross their fingers and hope it never ever happens again.
Especially me. 
Not much scares me, but this did.

** the pain from that blood pressure cuff is enough to raise anyone's blood pressure!


  1. It would have terrified me too.
    I am glad that they couldn't find any problem and hope they never do.

  2. Oh my goodness, what a terrible thing to happen. Did you manage perhaps to take a sample of 'it' to the hospital? Not sure it would tell them anything but you never know. I know foodstuffs can change the colour of both urine and stools but not that extent surely.
    Will be interesting to see what your GP has to say about it and if he will do further tests. Hope it never happens again.
    I know what you are saying about those BP cuffs. It is impossible to use my left arm as the muscle that side just won't take it. Even on my right (good) arm it can be a little nasty at times, I take my BP at home and seem able to adjust the cuff to suit me so not too much discomfort.
    Thinking of you and hope all is OK now.

  3. That is scary, glad everything seems to be okay now. Fingers crossed all remains good!

  4. Wowzers.. So when you gave them a sample at the hospital, was that red too, or was it just that one time?

    When I was a kid my best friend had diabetes and I spent so much time visiting her at Flinders Medical Centre that the place feels like a second home to me. Ever since I moved away from Adelaide I've begun to deeply dislike hospitals because they are not FMC. Plus, germophobe! But probably you would have gone somewhere which was not FMC either. :)

    So much so, when I had the pulmonary embolism and they wanted to keep me in after the first night, I declined and went home. I said my other half keeps a closer eye on my obs than the hospital staff could ever do, plus we have a pulse oxygen monitor at home - it is a gadget and the other half loves those! Plus, there are no kitties here to purr on me which is what I most needed.

    I hope Angel is sitting on you, purring plenty. :) That has always made me feel so much better!

    Right now I have one kitty lying on the floor in front of the gas space heater, which I have turned on for the second time this year.. :) The other one does not like the blowing air, or else they'd be taking turns.. ;)

    I am glad nothing was found and I hope nothing continues to be. :)

  5. Have you been eating beets? That always scares the heck out of me.
    I hope it's nothing more than something like that.

  6. That was a scary episode indeed....uh....I was wondering the same thing as Manzanita...I had a similar experience only with a bowel movement...just beets. Phew. Fingers crossed your doctor finds nothing.

  7. How very unnerving. I'm glad you were able to get immediate reassurance, but still very scary.

  8. Elephant's Child; I hope there isn't anything wrong that they didn't find. I also hope it never happens again.

    Mimsie; I took some of the toilet paper in a sealed plastic bag and I didn't wash, so they could see for themselves. I thought about food colourings too, but they don't usually add that much colour. When they tested the sample I gave at the hospital it tested positive for blood, even though none was visible.

    Jacquelineand; I've got everything crossed!

    Snoskred; no the hospital sample wasn't red, so I was glad I'd taken the toilet paper in. Angel has been sitting nearby, but not on me.

    Manzanita; I don't like beets at all, so never eat them.

    Delores; I hope nothing is found too. I'll be having a longer talk than usual with my doctor on Monday.

    Marty Damon; unnerving is an understatement. I was scared silly.

  9. I had kidney stone issues last year and peed blood. It does scare the bejeepers out of you!

  10. WOW. I'm scared for you also. I'm glad you're following up with your physician but I wonder, if the ER and hospital people couldn't find anything, how likely is your doctor? Sounds like they are just passing you off. (Sorry.)

  11. I hope it was, is, & will continue to be just a fluke!!

  12. That was scary. Hope your GP's tests turn out well

  13. Hi River,

    Like Joeh (and being a hypochondriac!!!!) I have heard that kidney stones are a likely cause.

    Hopefully it's nothing but a minor glitch.

    Fingers crossed.




  14. It must have been very alarming. Sometimes these things just happen and may not ever again. It is for paramedics to decide who needs to be taken to hospital, so to everyone, don't hesitate to call them when something you feel is serious happens.

  15. joeh; I've since thought about kidney stones and will ask my doctor to check for them.

    Happy Christine; given the state of my general health, which is really good, they probably don't feel the need for more extensive testing. unless it happens again.

    fishducky; me too.

    Molly; I'm less worried today, but the event has been recorded in my diary in case it happens again, so I can see how long ago the first episode was. Hopefully there won't be a second episode.

    Plasman; I'll get my doctor to check for kidney stones.

    Andrew; I would have called an ambulance if the bleeding continued, but it was just the gusher, then it stopped, so I caught the bus to the hospital.

  16. I'm late to reading/catching up on blogs, so I've I missed your recent posts, River.
    So sorry to read about your scare. I can say that I had a very similar situation just under two years ago. Went to the hospital, had tests etc. Nothing.
    Went to my doc the next day and she told me I had a bad UTI. Antibiotics cleared it up, and nothing similar since - touch wood.
    It IS frightening!
    I was told by a kindly nurse in hospital that this can be common in women "my age" - fifty onwards. I can honestly say, I hope it isn't common with me any longer. Peeing bright red is no fun.

    I do drink a lot more water to keep flushed. I drink my specific herbal tea blends and diluted cranberry juice - the good stuff when I can remember.

    Wishing you well, River.

  17. Half a cup that's a fair bit, I 've done it once but I was 22 and very far into my pregancy about 8 months so it was a bit worring but they also did a few tests and said it was nothing, it was never explained and never happened again hope yours turns out the same.

  18. Yes, I'm late in reading this, too...sorry River for being so tardy.

    I can fully understand the fright you must have gotten. All the best to you.