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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

if you like coconut

you might like these>>>

roasted coconut chips, available in the dried fruit aisle of Woolworths.

this is what they look like, dry, crunchy, yummy. I eat them just like this and....

I chop them finely to add to my breakfast porridge. 

along with dried apricots, also chopped,

dried dates, finely chopped, these things are very sticky so chopping takes a while, I watch TV while I'm doing all the chopping,

dried apple, again, finely chopped,

and craisins, (dried cranberries). these are already small, but I chop them a bit too.

all into the pot with one third of a cup of rolled oats,

add enough water to cover,

a spoonful of malt extract (syrup)

on with the lid and leave to soak until morning. Then add a splash of milk, simmer a minute or two and eat. Yum.

and what's this over here?

a delicious pear, ready for my after dinner snack.


  1. That looks really good, seems like a lot of work but I'm sure it is worth it.

  2. I think I could down a bag of coconut chips at one go.

  3. Sounds very healthy and very tasty. I like my oatmeal with maple syrup and raisins.

  4. I never put sugar, syrup or milk on my oatmeal, but I do like craisins in there!!

  5. I've never tried roasted coconut chips. Malt extract is like treacle?

  6. Now that looks very tasty...and I bet it is! :)

    I'll be dragging my syrup out of my cupboard tomorrow...I'm going to make some Anzac biscuits.

  7. joeh; it isn't much work at all, I have the TV on and watch while I'm chopping, that's the longest part. And worth it for a yummy breakfast each morning.

    Joanne; I probably could too, but then I'd have to go back to the shop for more, so I ration them.

    Delores; I found maple syrup a bit too sweet, which sounds odd coming from me who used to put sugar in everything. Malt syrup is also sweet but not so much as maple and it is thicker, like golden syrup.

    fishducky; I used to put sugar in everything! It's how I was raised, then one day I forgot to put sugar in something and was surprised by the "new" flavour I tasted, so I started leaving it out of some things and using less in other things. I use the malt syrup in porridge for the iron and B vitamins. In summer when I eat less porridge I just eat a spoonful of the syrup each morning.

    Andrew; I think the coconut chips are relatively new, I hadn't noticed them before, I just bought them a few weeks ago to try. Now they'll be a permanent addition to my shopping list.

    Lee; it is very tasty! All that yummy fruit. I use golden syrup in my Anzac biscuits which I haven't made for several years. Golden syrup is from sugar cane, malt syrup is from malted barley grains and is a slightly thicker consistency. I might do a half batch with Malt syrup and see how they turn out.

  8. Andrew; Malt syrup is a colour and consistency somewhere between golden syrup and treacle, both of which are made from sugar cane. Malt Extract is made from malted barley grains and contains iron and all the B vitamins.

  9. My you put a lot on your rolled oats .

  10. Merle; dried fruit adds lovely flavour as well as being sweet so no sugar is needed and they're high in fibre too.

  11. Sounds delicious but coconut is one of those foods we're not supposed to have too much of but thanks anyway. (*:*)

  12. Mimsie; coconut? I'm surprised. I know it's sweet, but I didn't think it would have too high a sugar level. I don't put very much in my porridge, but on a daily basis I suppose it would be too much if I were diabetic.