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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

this has me wondering, and not for the first time

Just heard on TV: on the Today Tonight program this evening they will be doing an article on Easter Eggs. Taking a look at what you are really getting for your money.

Is someone "out there" reading my blog posts? 
Will 'they' be exposing the cheap and nasty chocolate vs the stuff that's worth buying and eating?
This isn't the first time a Today Tonight story or newspaper article has mirrored something I wrote here on my blog.

Makes me feel that what I write here is more worthwhile than I first thought :)

A further thought: children growing up eating only the cheapest quality Easter Eggs because that's all parents can afford, will never know the delight, the bliss, of eating good quality tasteful chocolate. Will they think, forever, that chocolate is just meh?
Something not worth buying?

Now, all you grammar experts out there, have I used that colon correctly? Should I have used a semi-colon? A comma?


  1. I've just watched the TT episode and am surprised they've listed Red Tulip among the quality chocolate range. Perhaps they're going on past experience and didn't actually taste one.
    They did have people taste testing imported eggs, and one woman said it was awful and she didn't even want to swallow her sample.
    I learned that imported eggs come from places such as Africa, Argentina, one European country, I think Poland,over 70 countries all together, but that 50% of imported chocolate eggs are from China.

  2. I am no grammar guru, but think your colon is correctly placed.
    Good chocolate is delectable, and worth paying for...

  3. I think because you wrote in bold type before the colon, it read ok. If the preceding wasn't in bold type, maybe a semi colon would be correct. I don't think grammar rule books cover this. I am so much better at proof reading other people's writing than I am my own.

  4. Elephant's Child; I have an English Grammar book somewhere, possibly still at my daughter's house, I should find it and learn where to use the colons and semi's properly.

    Andrew; I wish more people would proof read and learn that there is more than one way to spell certain words and each spelling has a different meaning.

  5. The plain cacao bean is very bitter. For most people to eat chocolate they have to add sugar. I like the bitter taste of the bean and I eat it because it's rich in magnesium.

  6. This colon :) looked pretty good to me!

    And I remember eating those hollow rabbits, which were probably grade C chocolate and I managed to evolve to a 62%cacao chocolate eater.

  7. That's a good colon. You wanted us to stop and think about the statement that followed. A period is the only stop sign stronger than a colon. I used to teach this stuff. Almost no one pays attention any more.

  8. Bad chocolate will give you a different colon problem.

    1. Thanks for stealing my line, Joeh!!

  9. I was too interested in reading what you had to say to notice punctuation.

  10. Manzanita; sugar I don't mind. It's the other poor quality ingredients and fillers that go into cheap chocolate that I object to. bitter chocolate is not the same things as the god-awful stuff I tasted recently. for an example, in good chocolate such as Lindt the emulsifier used is listed as Soy Lecithin. In cheap chocolate the emulsifier has no listed description and is probably very cheap quality palm oil. There is also a vast difference in cocoa bean quality and manufacturing methods.

    Marty Damon; I wouldn't rate the chocolate I recently tasted as C. I'd give it a big fat F.

    Joanne; I thought I had it right, the semi colon is more troublesome for me. A comma is a pause, I know that much and I get annoyed when seeing them wrongly placed. If only people would proof read their writings and pause where they have their comma, they would see that it is wrong.

    joeh; so future generations will all be troubled? Or will they avoid chocolate and not suffer?

    fishducky; great minds think alike (*~*)

    Delores; thank you, I hope it was worth it.

  11. I thought I'd responded to this post; but it appears I just thought I did, when, in fact, my response remained in my thoughts!

  12. AWESOME! Lots of someones are reading your blog. You're making a difference! :)