Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Thursday Thoughts # 40

From "Two for the Dough" a Stephanie Plum novel by Janet Evanovich

" My hamster, Rex, was running on his wheel, his feet a blur of pink. i tapped on the glass cage by way of greeting, causing him to momentarily pause, his whiskers twitching. his shiny black eyes large and alert.
"Howdy Rex," I said. 
Rex didn't say anything. He's the small silent type."

"I stopped at a convenience store on the way and got a large coffee to go and a box of chocolate covered doughnuts. I figured if you had to breathe the New Jersey air there wasn't much point in getting carried away with always eating healthy food."

"In the burg it is possible to be born into bumhood. The Morelli and Mancuso women were above reproach, but the men are jerks."

"I hope I'm not intruding," Morelli said. "I know you weren't expecting company."
This is the opening statement that will get you into any burg house. No housewife worth her salt will ever admit to having her house not up to company twenty-four hours a day. Jack the Ripper would have easy access if he used this line."

Today's Thoughts: 

if you read this you'll discover I haven't been thinking much at all lately. 
I blame the weather. 
I'm waiting for cool, sweet Autumn, waiting to feel comfortable during the days; instead we're stuck with Indian Summer and days of 28C and 32C. Days of extra anti-perspirant and talcum powder dusted on several times a day.

Where is my Autumn?
Even the last two nights have been unseasonably warm. I've turned on the fan just to feel a breeze and be able to almost sleep. 

Why almost? 
He is probably feeling some tension at my irritability from the continuing warm weather.

Monday night wasn't too bad, he woke me at midnight, then again at 2.45am so I gave him an early breakfast (only early by my standards), but last night (it's Wednesday as I type this) he woke me every hour and a half, all night until I finally gave up and sat at the table with kitchen and living room lights on until he appeared to fall asleep on the couch. Then I crept back to bed, only to have the little bugger wake up and continue the hour and a half routine until I gave up any attempt at sleeping deeply at 4.30am and got up again for coffee and reading.

He crawled under the couch for a proper sleep at 7am, so I went back to bed too, but couldn't sleep, so got up and did the shower, shampoo, dress and breakfast thing, (pancakes, yummy), then went to the shop for a few things I'd forgotten yesterday and had a nap when I got home. After lunch at 1pm, we had another nap. 

So there's a lot of napping going on right now and not much thinking. 
Definitely no vacuuming, which was the job of the day listed, in capitals, on my fridge memo board. 

Have all you Australians out there seen the television ad for Jeep where the little kid says "You bought a Jeep." the Dad replies "I bought a Jeep" The kid turns to look at their little rowboat, turns back to his dad and says "we're going to need a bigger boat."

I love that ad!

I was reminded of it yesterday. Sitting in a bus, on my way home from somewhere, waiting for the lights to change and I glanced over to the next lane and saw a beautiful, new, white Jeep towing a big, new boat. 
A brand-new, still factory-wrapped, boat. Shrink wrap on the body to cover and protect the interior and strong clear plastic wrapped around all visible chrome. 
Nice coincidence, it made me smile.


  1. I just commented it seemed as if Merle was having a lovely first part of autumn, and we were having such a cold, mizerble spring. I guess you can join the mizerble new season club, too.

  2. Cats interrupt your sleep! I think I shall remain catless. They do seem cute though.

  3. You will have to start waking Angel up every hour and a him how it feels... ....

  4. Joanne; only a few days to go and Autumn proper will set in as it always does after Easter. We went through the same wakey wakey routine again last night, so I've been up since almost 4am. (yawn). It's cooler today, still sunny with blue skies, but the wind is cold.

    joeh; not all cats interrupt your sleep, my internet friends with older cats all report their cats leave them alone all night. Angel is still not mature enough to work out that I prefer to be asleep during the night hours. He's only 15 months old.

    Delores; he's asleep right now and if I had any sense I'd be waking him now and chasing him around the house every time he closes his eyes, but then I'd never get my story written for tomorrow. I plan on keeping him awake from about 4pm until I'm ready for bed.

  5. Giving in to Angel demanding food will surely only make him worse? I like those Jeep ads, although I don't remember seeing that one.

  6. Thinking is over-rated, anyway. Sleeping isn't! :)

    I love that ad, always brings a smile to my face.

    I wonder why Angel disturbs you like that through the night. My two rascals have never done that, fortunately. They sleep through. Perhaps you should do what I wrote about in my blog a while...what my ex used to do to Smocka, one of my cats, when he was a young cat. Smocka had the habit of running up and down along our bodies at night...and then Randall came up with the bright idea that during the day when he caught Smocka napping, he would always wake him up. It worked...the night disturbances soon ceased. Smocka was tired out by night time!! :)

  7. Andrew; at 15 months he's not much more than a kitten still, he doesn't eat much at any one meal. I think feeding him at least gives the promise of more sleep for me.

    Lee; I plan on waking Angel all afternoon to tire him out hopefully. I think part of the problem is the brightness here in the flats from all the outside security lights. It's never totally dark, especially my back porch where Angel spends a lot of time, it's almost as light as daytime out there. Angel sits out there meowing probably wondering why no other cats or people are about. If keeping him awake doesn't work, I have a second plan in mind. Black out the windows, lock the back door, with Angel INside of course and put in my earplugs.

    1. Yep...the brightness could very well be the problem, River. Blacking out the windows could solve it.

      This afternoon I was thinking about your problem and I wanted to ask if you have a regular feeding pattern for Angel...meaning same times each day. No doubt you do. Remy & Shama always get fresh meat for their dinner...and I always cut it up and put it down for them around this time of the day...around 4 pm...they graze on it at will throughout the night. They never eat it all in the one "sitting".

      In the mornings they get some type of canned food...always fish of some sort...and there is always a bowl of dried "munchies" next to their food bowls, as well. They can have a pick at that whenever they feel like a snack.

      Just a thought to help you perhaps crack Angel's habit. :)

      I do agree you with you...if you can solve the light problem that most certainly should help.

  8. I am in the minority. I don't like the Jeep ads. The skinny one tells me I have no sense of humour and perhaps he is right.
    Jazz n Jewel are playing tag team on the wake me up front. I am seriously knackered.

  9. I did enjoy those quotes and thanks for sharing them.
    I am just like you at the moment River. I am so over this Indian summer we are having in Perth and the still very warm nights with the overhead fan on in the bedroom.
    I had hoped for a cool Easter but all the days are going to be 30C (86F) and above and still no rain whatsoever. It is SO dry.They keep promising showers but they never eventuate.
    I am so glad Candy sleeps pretty well all night and I've even trained her not to wake us at daybreak but to wait. If she does wake me I say "No. Not yet" and she goes back to sleep.

  10. I have 4 cats and must keep them out of the bedrooms even our visitors shut their doors, ours will all climb on the bed and fight in the middle of the night so they are no fun to sleep with.
    We had a very hot day today too but now it's raining again and easter is surposed to be cold and wet and it is shaping up that way which is fine with me I am planning on painting and sewing for a few days over easter.

  11. Lee; Angel gets half a small can of food at whatever time I stomp out of bed to shut him up, sometimes he eats it, sometimes not, so I assume he isn't really hungry, he gets the rest of the can when i have breakfast. This has become a bad habit which I will stop from today, he has dry food available at all times and he can snack on that in the wee hours.
    I kept him from sleeping as long as I could last night, but we only made it to 9.30pm, by then he was running away from me every time I tried to play. So we both went to bed wit back door closed and curtains closed too. I'll have to rig up something to black the bathroom window. Tonight I'll be wearing earplugs so I don't hear him until I'm ready to get up.

    Elephant's Child; I like most of the jeep ads, there's a couple I can live without. Sorry to hear about the tag team, that has to be worse than just one cat. Either way, disturbed sleep is worse than no sleep I've heard. No wonder we're knackered.

    Mimsie; these quotes are from a hilarious series of books about Stephanie Plum, bounty hunter, written by Janet Evanovich. There are twenty books so far and I think # 21 is coming soon.
    More hot weather after Easter?? This is too much, where is our Autumn? cool rainy days, cool rainy days, cool rainy days....

    Merle; I have no chance at all of keeping Angel out of the bedroom, it leads into the bathroom/laundry where his litter tray is, so the door has to stay open :(
    You'll be getting the cooler days we had here early last week, now it is warm and sunny again, with more coming.