Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thursday Thoughts # 43

from "High Five" a Stephanie Plum novel by Janet Evanovich

"Anyone who voiced a critical opinion got fitted with cement booties and accidentally took a dive in the Delaware River."

Today's Thoughts:

an update on the bladder thing, my last two urine samples have been clear, no blood in them at all, so a cystoscopy isn't warranted. 
I'm to have an ultrasound on Thursday, oh that's today, (I'm typing this on Tuesday night) and if that is also clear, then the bleeding episode will be put down to one of those odd, once off, episodes that happen for no reason at all.
There is nothing else wrong with me in that area. No infections, nothing. 
So we'll cross our fingers and hope it never happens again. 

In other news, you won't believe what I did last Monday. 
I never iron anything anymore.

Well, I have a cheap lightweight jacket that I wear in between summer, (no jacket) and winter, (big old ski jacket), and because it's a cheap thing the seams aren't holding together very well. If the whole thing was cotton, I could just stitch them up, but the lining is that shiny soft, slippery stuff and where it has come away from the facing it has frayed very badly. 

So I bought some iron-on patches to hold those edges together, instead of the duct tape that I'd first put on. The duct tape was doing a great job, so I put off ironing the patches on, procrastinator extreme, that's me, but after a few months (almost a year) the duct tape began to peel at the edges, so I ripped it off and set up the ironing board. It lives out in the back porch behind the ladder, I had to wipe a ton of dust and cat fluff off it. (*~*)

Got the patches ironed on and next time I set up the sewing machine, I'll stitch around the edges of those just to be sure they keep holding.
 In the past, iron-on patches haven't held up well on items that get a lot of washing. 

While I had the iron going I decided I might as well get my old work pants ironed, they'd come out of the last wash quite wrinkled and the 'crease' was well and truly gone, so I damp ironed those to put a crease back in and also unearthed a pair of pants that I'd folded away last winter after they came out of the dryer so wrinkled I didn't want to even look at them, much less wear them. I had to wet them down quite heavily to get all those wrinkles out.


  1. How long did it take to find the iron?

  2. Ah, ironing. I bought a linen shirt. I like it so much I iron it.

  3. I have no problem with ironing--Olivia does it for me every Monday!!

  4. The Great Scot actually likes ironing; problem solved!

  5. I don't iron these days, either. I can't remember when I last ironed anything!! I'm glad I'm not alone! :)

    Actually, I have a brand new iron that I bought about five or six years ago...could be more that...and it's still in the box it came in! I should sell it on Ebay! I even bought a new ironing board cover at the same time, and it's still in its wrapper...I could sell it, too! lol

    1. My best wishes to you, River...for today's ultrasound. I hope all is well. Thinking of you.

  6. joeh; no time at all, I knew exactly where it was.

    Joanne; I once gave away a beautiful linen shirt that I loved because the ironing of it was so time consuming.

    fishducky; I used to love ironing, did all the kids school clothes every Saturday night while watching TV, my ironing basket was always empty. Then they got old enough to do their own ironing and my job was over.

    Jac; I like ironing too, but with no kids at home and only t-shirts in my wardrobe, it just isn't necessary here.

    Lee; I have a brand new-in-the-box iron too. A neighbour gave it to me and I thought I'd pass it on to one of my kids but none of them need one.eventually someone's iron will blow up or die, then I'll pass it on.
    The ultrasound went well, holding almost a litre of water in my bladder wasn't as uncomfortable as I thought it would be, but if they'd made me wait another ten minutes it would have been awful.

  7. I'm glad you (or your blader) lasted the distance, River! :)