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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thursday Thoughts # 44

from Hot Six- a Stephanie Plum novel by Janet Evanovich

"My mother always represented the family, because my father never went to church. My father stayed home and waited for the white bakery bag to arrive. For as long as I can remember, every Sunday morning, my mother went to church and stopped at the bakery on the way home. 
Every Sunday morning my mother bought jelly doughnuts.
Cookies, cakes and cannoli were bought on weekdays. Sunday was jelly doughnut day. It was like taking Communion. I'm a Catholic by birth, but in my personal religion, the Trinity will forever be the Father, the Son and the Holy Jelly Doughnut."

from Seven Up- a Stephanie Plum novel by Janet Evanovich

"I heaved myself out of my chair and went into the kitchen and got the cake. As soon as it hit the table, the crying stopped. If we pay attention to anything in this family, it's dessert."

Today's Thoughts

I just watched Angel getting himself under the couch, ha ha. It's one of his favourite places to sleep and when he was tiny he'd just slide under and not be seen for a few hours.

Now he is ten times bigger, still likes to sleep under there, but getting under is more of a hassle. He gets his head under, with front paws stretched out and scrabbling on the floor, then his middle and back half sort of flattens out so he looks like a big furry rug and with a lot more scrabbling, he disappears under the couch. 

Funny thing is, when he is coming out from under, there are no scrabbling sounds at all, he is just very suddenly out and leaping up onto the table.

I was in town the other day waiting for a bus and watching people walk by. Mostly watching the women and envying some of the lovely clothes and noticing just how many of them have their seams crooked, off centre. 

Remember pencil skirts with the short split at the back seam? I'm seeing too many women with that seam off centre so the split is aligned with one leg instead of in the centre. This puts the side seams off line too and spoils the look of the whole outfit. 

I've seen women in skirts that button down the front or down one side and perhaps they've had to retuck their blouse or something, but the skirt has managed to get pushed a little off centre, easily spotted since any buttons are halfway between hip and centre front, instead of where they should be. 

I saw an older woman, closer to my age and size, (let's say plump, fat is a little harsh when talking about someone I don't know), wearing older track pants, nothing wrong with that, I do it myself, but her shirt and jumper were tucked in at the waist  and the back seam was halfway around her waist instead of straight up from crotch to waist. Now we're talking about track pants here, not tight fitting, but not loose either and I know that when my own seams are off centre by even a little bit, those pants don't sit comfortably
My centre seams need to be straight from crotch to waist. 
And I don't tuck in my shirts or jumpers , I prefer to have them hang loose to hide the flab.

Do these women feel uncomfortable when their skirts and pants are crooked? 
Or do they just not notice? 
How can they not notice when a side pocket (zipper/buttons) is sitting at the back of their hip?

I'll tell you what I haven't seen much of; saggy, baggy, crotch at the knees pants on teenage boys and young men. 
I've seen a few, but that fashion seems to be dying out. 
Hurray for that.


  1. I agree, I've seen too many underpants...enough!

  2. I think the boys get tired of having to hitch up their pants so they can walk properly.

  3. Perhaps they're finally figuring out how much that fashion statement resembles a sagging diaper?

  4. I agree with you re the saggy-bottomed boys...not that I saw many, if any, here in the village where I live, but no doubt they wandered about in droves in the city and on the Gold Coast.

    I used to love pencil/straight/tight skirts and once upon a time wore them often...once upon a time when knights were bold, and the skirts were fashion gold! (And I wasn't old!)

    As for tracky daks I think they're suitable only for wearing around the house...not quite a good fashion statement out and about.

    I must feel uncomfortable with the seams all askew. And, I never wear tops tucked in anymore, way, José! There comes a time in every fair maiden;s life! ;)

    People watching is an enjoyable pastime.

    Angel is determined by the sounds of it. You're going to have to stand him in front of a mirror and point out to him that he is a big fellow now! lol Either that or put the couch up on blocks!!! I can no longer fit under my couch, it's time he gave up, too!!!

  5. After laughing at your post, I ended up laughing at Lee's comment. You're both hoots and a half! How people dress is definitely geographical in nature. Where I used to live, wobbly shirts and wobbly pants, with day old baby spit on the shoulders were the norm. Living south now, at least the women in mid-age pay attention to how they look, but the younger ones with babies are still wobbly messes. LOL

  6. I enjoyed the Janet E. passages. Her portraits of Stephanie's family are priceless.
    And don't these crotch-challenged people have any nerves in their backsides? Maybe they're immune to the things like wedgies that drive the rest of us nuts. It's almost as annoying having to look at them.

  7. Like you, I spend time on the street being mentally very critical of how people are dressed and where they have gone wrong. I will now pay more attention to splits and the lining up of them. Yes, thankfully stupid jeans, or how they are worn so low, is disappearing. If ever there was a worse fashion....

  8. joeh; and fishducky; the ones without underpants bother me more.

    Delores; I sincerely hope the fashion is dying out. Perhaps winter clothing is just more snug for warmth, but they all look a lot nicer.

    Jac; I prefer to think their mums are all smacking them around the ear and yanking their pants up.

    Lee; I saw far too many saggy-bottomed boys here in Adelaide, even out in the 'burbs!
    I'm not a skirt fan, so I've never worn a pencil skirt, I used to own a couple of wraparound A-lines, but don't have any at all now.
    Tracky daks? I've got several, one ratty pair that I only wear around the house, and three decent looking pairs that look more like knit pants, I wear those everywhere, unless I'm wearing my old black work slacks. My jeans don't fit anymore :( too many doughnuts and too much icecream.
    I never tucked in my tops in my entire life, my sister always did and still does, it's how she learned to dress as a small child, probably in Germany where toddlers got tucked in for warmth I suppose. anyway, she's 66 now and gets around with her knit slacks pulled up over everything else she has on.
    I am NOT putting the couch up on blocks! no way! I don't think Angel will get any bigger now, but if he does, he'll just have to sleep on top of things.

    lotta joy; thanks, I do like to make people laugh. I believe you are right about the geographical nature of dressing. in cold countries, eg Germany where I was born, my older sister learned to dress for warmth by tucking all tops into the skirt or pants, so the belly and lower back stayed warm. She was 4 when we came out here, and being mildly retarded, once she's learned something, she doesn't change her method. So at 66 she still tucks in.
    Day old baby spit? urk! I raised four babies and never once had baby spit on my clothes, always putting a spare towel over my shoulder for burping. Thankfully, my kids weren't the type to spit up all day long, rarely even spitting up with burping.

    Marty; I have 20 of the Stephanie Plum novels and I'm waiting on 21, I don't think it is released yet.
    those crotch-challenged young people were really uncomfortable for me to look at, so many bare backsides! and I laughed myself silly once over a threesome who were trying to hurry across a road to catch a bus and hold up their pants at the same time.

    Andrew; I'm very critical mentally, wanting to rush over and pull up a cardigan or jumper that is being worn with one side of the shoulder slipping halfway down an arm, restraining myself from tucking in neck labels, wondering if the lace at the hem is meant to be part of the skirt or if the woman's slip is showing....then I catch sight of myself in a shop window and cringe, because often I'm on the way home from cleaning a friend's kitchen and bathroom and my own clothes are ratty and stained.

  9. I only wear trousers in cold weather (yet to arrive in Perth) but when I do wear them I know immediately if the front seam is off can feel it!!! Also if they have pockets you know immediately if the pockets are not in the right place.
    As far as larger women tucking in their shirts or tops I always think they look rather like Michelin Man which may be good in an advertisement for tyres but doesn't look good on a plump lady. Of course in cold countries one could wear a light top tucked in for warmth with a nice loose top or jacket over it.
    I guess all in all I hate to see people sloppily dressed even round the house and as for your last comment. Thank goodness men and boys seem to wearing their trousers slightly higher up these days. That look you describe was nothing short of revolting.
    I had to laugh at Angel's determination to get under that couch. I would think he is now fully grown but would love a photo of him in his struggles getting under that couch,
    I've given up on the Monday thing. Just won't work for me for some reason. Was only a thought anyway so not to worry. Thanks for trying so hard to help. :)

  10. I may be out of touch , but isn't it called dressing down or grunge or the slovenly rag look?

  11. Mimsie; I'm a sloppy dresser, my clothes fit, but they're cheap and often secondhand. most of my t-shirts are men's because they're so much cheaper than women's. I don't wear dresses at all, it's pants in winter and shorts in summer.
    I've thought about getting a photo of Angel, but by the time I have the camera ready he's under. It only takes him a few seconds.

    Vest; I have no idea what it was called, but apparently it was based on the "prison" look where men had no belts to keep their pants up. Doesn't make sense to me; in prison they'd have pants that fit, not pants four sizes too large.

    1. How different we are then. I wear dresses right through summer as I just can't wear even lightweight trousers. I must admit these days I am no fashion plate (never have been) around the house and dress for comfort in oldish clothes. It's when I see people at places like doctors' waiitng rooms, or similar, these days that I feel they could perhaps try to dress just a wee bit better. One can look neat and tidy without spending a lot of money. One thing I don't do now is wear stockings or panty hose. Can't get down to put them on!!

  12. My parents sometimes got a box of donuts on Sundays as well! Now I wonder if it were just because that's when they had time to get them, or if the donuts were just on special that day. :)