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Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday Musings #7 I think, I'll have to check

I've heard of cats dipping a paw in their water before drinking it, but I've never seen any cat do that, apart from tigers on TV. 
Last night I just happened to glance into the kitchen as Angel dipped his paw in his water bowl, then had a good long drink. 
I know there is a reason for the dipping, I can't remember what that is right now, but it was interesting to see him do it.

I saw a sign on a vacant shopfront when I was in the city on Saturday, but didn't have my camera with me :(  someone else noticed it and took a photo which turned up on the back page of our Sunday paper this morning, where all the other funny 'send-ins' go: 


We've had a beautiful day here, almost spring-like, sunny blue skies, blossoms on the trees, golden wattle everywhere, if only the wind wasn't so darn cold. 
Anyway, because it was sunny, I washed all my bedding, even pyjamas and dressing gown got a tumble in the hot suds, and I scooped up a ton of stuff I'd been avoiding washing because I don't like using the dryer too much. 
Eventually three loads of washed things were hanging out in the fresh air and when it was dry I put those sunny fresh sheets right back onto the bed. I'm looking forward to slipping between the sheets later. There's nothing like that dried in the sunny air smell. 
Sweet dreams tonight for sure. 

I'm making a batch of brownies, they're in the oven as I type this (Sunday evening) but trying something different. Instead of chopped walnuts, which I usually leave out anyway, I've added a couple of tablespoons of hazelnut meal to the mix. I love hazelnuts and I love brownies. Both together should be doubly heavenly. Right? I'll let you know.

I saw in the paper, our treasurer, that Hockey fellow, wants mums to get back into the workforce, or lose their welfare payments. What planet is he on?

1: where are these mums going to find jobs??? there are already a zillion unemployed out there who can't get jobs!
2: who is going to mind the children?? Child care? does he seriously want women going to work just so they can hand over their wages to child care centres? you've seen what these places cost, right?
3: without the welfare payments that so many depend on for food and rent, (not all of them drink and gamble the funds away), how will they feed and clothe their children? Where will they live when they are evicted?
Clearly he hasn't thought this through. Not at a grass roots level.


  1. Bad grammar. Should it be 'more importanter'.

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      There you go, River...have a read of those sites. My two rascals only drink water from a large glass I have on my bedside tabke...a glass tankard of sorts. That is THEIR glass! If I put a bowl of water on the floor near their food for them to drink from, they'd just ignore it. The glass reigns supreme!!

      I'm frequently left open-mouthed. People seem to be inventing new words every day. I think I'll stick with the old ones! :)

  3. Politicians are cut from the same cloth. Same thin brains and all.

  4. I used to cook & bake & clean just like you, but I got over it!!

  5. Andrew; I guess it depends on how important coffee is to you.

    Lee; I gave up keeping a glass by the bedside after I woke one morning to find bugs swimming in it. Now I keep a capped bottle. I'll check those links in a minute...

    Joanne; that seems to imply they are born that way. If only there was some kind of test, like there is for down syndrome, we could eliminate the pesky politicians, just keep the few good ones. (*~*)

    fishducky; I'm rapidly getting over the cleaning part, and don't often bake anymore either. I do still cook meals, but usually in large batches to be frozen in individual serves. daily microwaving is so much simpler.

    1. The large water glass is owned solely by Remy and Shama, Remy...for their use only...and the bugs steer well clear of it.

      I have a regular-sized glass for myself...and keep a cover on that...mainly so R & S don't think they've a second well to drink from! :)

  6. On facebook there was a video of a cat laying on the floor besides its water bowl. It would dip it's finger in the water and then put the drops in its mouth. Went on for ages. Talk about lazy or perhaps the floor was nice and cool. I can't send it to you as it was not an email.
    Loved the education bit.
    I am not sure about mums returning to work. I had a boss who used to calculate what it cost married women to work and those were the ones without small children. It was till worth me working though but wouldn't have been had I to pay child care fees. Personally I don't think any mother should work while she has under school age children but then I am old fashioned. I returned, by necessity, to work but my children were 10 and 12 and I worked near our home and near their school and so did Phil. We were then both accessible if needed in an emergency.
    I think a lot of this women in the workforce thingie comes from the feminists who say women are equal to men and should be treated the same. One difference though....women have the babies, men do not. That perhaps makes women superior to men but 'they' never consider that.
    Many people to day want to live in mansions, own big cars etc etc which forces women back to work. In many ways it has all gone made or is it just me being old fashioned??

    1. I meant of course 'it has gone mad'. Still not concentrating well with this stupid cold that is hanging on.

  7. Jazz the rotten dipped his paw into my water glass, licked his paw and double dipped. And I shuddered wondering how often he had put his kitty-litter scratchers into my water without me knowing. No glass of water beside the bed now.
    Re working mums: I saw an article on the weekend where Jackie Kelly, a former politician, said that ALL of her wages went on child care. And she was generously paid. And had a husband as back up.

    1. Hahahaha! That's why I got my two their own glass, EC. I'd wake in the morning and look at the level of the water in my glass thinking I was sure I'd not drunk it...and I hadn't! I discovered these two rascals of mine had been drinking at the trough! So I let them have that glass, and got another one for me...and I just put a cover on mine. They will only drink out of that glass...on my bedside table! lol

      Who am I to question?

  8. Mimsie; if women decide to go back to work for whatever reason, that's fine with me. but this is the government saying they MUST work or lose welfare benefits. Very unfair in my opinion.

    Elephant's Child; another reason for me to have a capped bottle of water, besides the fact the either myself or Angel might knock it over in the night.

  9. Definitely he hasn't thought I through....just ran off at the mouth, no doubt to see what kind of a response it brings.

    Love fresh sheets on the bed after the breeze on the line.

    When I had a cat, he used to put his paw in the water...

  10. Hi River,

    The hellcat sits with both front paws in the water and always dips her paw in before drinking.

    We think that it is because she can't actually see the water until it ripples - not a bad theory if true.




  11. I have four cats and only one does the dip paw to drink thing, it's cute to watch.
    Working mothers not a fun thing to be I did for a long time and it hard work doing work and having young children but I'm sure the Hockey fellow might change his mind if he had to do it bet you he never has.

  12. I'm not really getting your system, but it sounds like they actually GIVE YOU MONEY when you have a kid. Here? It's between $5,000 and $6,000 in fees for the hospital stay. And that's only because I thought ahead to have insurance and didn't have complications. :)

  13. whiteangel; sun dried sheets are the best thing ever!! I'll see what next week's paper has to say on the other subject.

    Plasman; both paws in the water? that's a little unusual.

    Merle; I didn't go to work until my youngest was in school and only then so we could buy a house. I'm hoping the Hockey thing is simply to see what response he gets.

    Happy Christine; there is a family allowance here, available to all with kids, the amount varies depending on how many kids and your own income. Hospital costs I don't know about, I had mine when hubby was in the Army so we were covered by their insurance.