Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thursday Thoughts # 58

from Loathing Lola, by Will Kostakis

" "So......that's the silver lining?" I ask dubiuosly.
"Don't think of things in terms of the cloud," Mum whispers back.
"The sky is much larger than any cloud." "

from The Bones of Avignon, by Jefferson Bass

"I know money can't buy happiness, but damn, it sure can open doors to places that make me smile."

"The price of inaction is far greater than the cost of making a mistake."

Today's Thoughts

As you all know, yesterday was mammogram day for me. 
The screening clinic has been moved to a new location and has a new name, "The Rose Clinic". 
A form was sent through the mail with boxes to tick off, plus instructions to not wear deodorant, perfume or talcum powder, and a small card with a map showing the new location. 
I found it without any trouble, but the woman who entered just before me was telling the receptionist all the trouble she had and how she'd had to ask directions twice. 

Anyway....I was shown into the disrobing room, a much larger room than the previous clinic, with a much larger mirror. I stripped off various layers and saw myself in all my near-naked glory. 
And there they were. 
Every single doughnut I'd ever eaten, hanging around my waist and smirking at me. Every spoonful of ice cream I'd enjoyed for the last three years, was jiggling and saying, "oh pshaw! we were worth it, right?"

Hmm. I'm not so sure. Now. 

This isn't your regular spare tyre I'm carrying here, it's one of those really large eighteen wheeler tyres. 
And below the waist? 
The rest of the tyres! 

Holy Hannah, I'm going to have to give up doughnuts. 
Or walk/run 15 miles a day. 

The actual boob-squishing went well. 
There's a new machine and I didn't feel the "Chinese burn" pulling of the chest skin that I'd been dreading. Still had the steam roller pain of the squashing, but it was fast. Ish.

You'll be pleased to know the girls sprang back to their former glory selves in no time at all. 
I redressed and went on with my day. 

I did decide not to treat myself with my usual hot chocolate and doughnut, the memory of that flabby flubber was too fresh. 
Of course by the time I got home the memory had receded a little so after I'd washed my sticky armpits and applied antiperspirant deodorant, it was hot coffee and ginger cake for afternoon tea. 
Because I'd skipped lunch. (*~*) 
That's a good enough reason!  Isn't it?


  1. I'm thinking of getting rid of all full length mirrors at home. Perhaps just a one foot square shaving mirror will do.

  2. I lost 15 pounds by dimming the lights.

    A friend told me recently she made a NY resolution to lose 10 pounds, she says she only has 15 pounds to go.

  3. It is definitely a good enough reason :)
    ... joeh, lol!

  4. Sigh. I am rivalling the Michelin woman at the moment. And resemble Joeh's comment. Except that ten pounds is insufficient.
    Glad that the squashathon was better than it could have been though.

  5. Glad that it went well. I'm with you on middle aged spread. But you know what? Life is for living and coffee and ginger cake take precedence over most things!

  6. Andrew; I've never had full length mirrors at home. Maybe I should have...

    joeh; a couple of years ago I had twenty pounds to lose, now I have thirty. I blame inflation.

    Vicki; do we really need a reason?

    Jacquelineand; aha! The reason!

    Elephant's Child; I'm Michelin junior I think. At least the elastic waist pants still fit, I haven't had to buy larger ones.

    Craig; I agree, life is for living, but I can do it without doughnuts. I've noticed they taste so much better when I haven't had one for several months.

  7. Another trial we women go through but glad it was better for you this time....except for the full length mirror thingie. I only ever take my top off which I can stand the look of but below that....not a sight for any eyes, even my own!!! I blame the insulin for much of that tummy bulge as poor Phil, who never had a tum to speak of certainly has not and it's all arrived since he began using insulin. Of course he no longer plays golf once a week which may have something to do with but certainly not all of it.
    Hope when your results arrives they are just as you wish them to be.

    1. Meant he has NOW (not NOT). That is a had typo I am always making and it can get me into trouble at times.

  8. Hello, hang in there and best wishes!

  9. We change in all ways as we get older. Don't worry, be happy..

  10. I discovered it doesn't do any good to lose weight because nothing snaps back..... it just hangs, like the mist over an autumn marsh. lol

  11. Mimsie; I know my spare tyre is from sitting too long, too often, gravity has shifted the weight so it sits in my lap. It's just hanging there like one of those inflatable rings kids use in the pool. I can't even blame any of it on insulin :(

    Blogoratti; thank you.

    whiteangel; I'm happy, no worries there. Of course I'd be equally happy should those spare tyres disappear.

    Manzanita; the hanging of the loose skin is a problem I'll have to face if I manage to drop a few pounds.