Thursday Thoughts # 60

I have three book quotes here, but don't remember which books they came from.

" One of the problems with flying a jet is you don't get a lot of time to admire the scenery."

" We're all gonna die. The trick is not to rush it."

"Q: how many feebies (FBI Agents) does it take to change a light bulb?
 A: all of them. Ten thousand to study the problem, twenty-six hndred to fill out forms in triplicate and wait for approval, seventeen to monitor from a safe distance and one agent to go undercover and bribe a confidential informant to climb the ladder and do the dirty work."

Today's Thoughts

Things I've seen on TV. 
It's not a long list, you won't need a cuppa.

On one show, I watched as a young couple in a cafe greeted each other with a passionate kiss.
They broke apart and he said something to her and she replied, "I think I left my gum in your mouth."
He said, " you want it back?"  She said, "no, I'll get it later." 
(at this point I had to push away my dinner plate)
When they were saying goodbye, they kissed again, and guess what? She got her gum back!
(I had to scrape my plate into the bin, couldn't eat after that) 

Which brings me to kissing on TV and in movies. Why do we need to see this so close up I can count tonsils? And why do so many kissers approach each other with mouths so wide they look like a shark about to devour a surfer? 
I don't care how realistic, or not, this is. It's disgusting. 

Something else on TV, a new show, you'll never guess....
Pets make you Laugh out Loud.
Yes, that's right, LOL cats and LOL dogs have become a one hour Tuesday evening program. Birds too.
As if Funniest Home Videos weren't enough. 
You all remember that one? 
People sent in home videos of kids falling off swings or trampolines, running into walls, people stacking dirt bikes into or off piles of tires, wedding participants suffering all kinds of mishaps. 
Some of those were funny, but most made me cringe as I saw kids crying or otherwise getting hurt. 
I gave up watching it very quickly. 

Tell me what you find disgusting on TV.


  1. I loved the gum story. I do not watch TV, but I have you.

  2. I don't particularly like seeing kissing on tv or in public, not heavy passionate kissing. That's not to say I may not have done it when much younger. The worst thing I can see is spitting.

    The quite well rating lol pet shows replaced a new but failing cooking show.

  3. I will have to think about that question, but as far as ads go some of the car ads are very annoying and mens perfume ones too.
    A lot of the CSI type shows can not be watched when eating food.

  4. Joanne; constantly chewing gum is bad enough, but swapping gum while kissing is really icky.

    Andrew; passionate kissing has its place, but I don't think TV is it, especially not so close, those cameras just zoom right in, while I'm sitting with my hands over my eyes.....

    Merle; I ignore most of the ads, use that time to go to the toilet or make a cuppa. I like the CSI type shows, I can eat dinner while watching them.

  5. Swapping gum? Eeeeuw.
    I don't watch a lot of TV. Not true. Himself watches a lot, and I see snippets of what he is watching. The one I really can't cope with is 24 Hours in Emergency. I really don't need to see other people's pain and fear.

  6. Elephant's Child; we don't get 24 Hours in Emergency here, but we do get similar shows that I don't watch. Pain and fear is fine when it's fictional, like the CSI and Crime shows I watch, but not when it's real, that's too hard to handle.

  7. I only watched Funniest Home Videos about 6 times years ago, and stopped for the same reason as you.
    I have never really watched kissing on TV, will have to take a better peek next time the opportunity arises.
    Dreadful about that chewing gum...they do have weird thins on TV at dinner time...
    I'm not a great TV viewer..

  8. When I was young and the hormones still raged, I liked to watch kissing, etc. but I guess it's an old age thing now......all I can think
    of is catching germs. Ha

  9. It looks like some of the people kissing are trying to swallow their partner!!

  10. whiteangel; that's not usually my dinner time, but I'd skipped lunch and had dinner an hour early. Well, I tried to have dinner...

    Manzanita; kissing I don't mind so much, but these days they all look like they're about to devour each other.

    fishducky; exactly!! and I wish they wouldn't.


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