Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Angel on the edge

You all know my cat, Angel? 
Giant lump of fur?

Yep, the striped fluffy mat, that's him.
Grey tabby.

there he is, looking like a big fluffy slipper

living sleeping on the edge.

One good stretch and he'd be on the floor.

on the table,

again, on the edge.

Of course when he's on the bed,

he takes up the whole middle!
Look at those eyes, "disturb me and suffer"
Okay, I'll make the bed tomorrow (*~*)



  1. I wish I could find an excuse to leave the bed unmade.

  2. All too familiar. Both the living life on the edge, and the bed hogging. And I have paid in blood for challenging Jazz for bed space.

  3. He is so beautiful and it's always great to have an excuse not to make bed occasionally.
    I remember when you were thinking about and finally wanting a cat and you chose one that is perfect.

  4. My Leeroy wakes me at 10 past 7 most mornings, and does not get on the bed again until I make it she does not tolerate a unmade bed, she is a bit odd. Not as fluffy as your Angel.

  5. He was quite the kitten, and even more cat! Mine spends most of his time on the cat towers at the windows, where he is in charge of the entire world he does not go into.

  6. He's a beautiful boy, your Angel. :)

    They're wonderful to have around; to share your life with. I know I'd hate to be without my two. They're like my shadows. I think I must have accidentally sprayed myself with catnip!! ;)

  7. That cat is a lot of fluff!

  8. AM I noticing a slight difference in some pics, where he has his winter fur in most of them but summer in the table pic? Our cat always looked different in some seasons, slightly more fluff and different colour.

  9. He is a big fluffy handsome fellow...

  10. Angel is one big ball of adorable. I love how fluffy he is. I have a long hair cat but she isn't anywhere close to that level of fluff. Super cute.

  11. Andrew; get a cat. I'm kidding of course. I used to hate leaving the bed unmade, even now I get in there and make it as soon as he gets off it.

    Elephant's Child; this is why I now have a pair of elbow length rose pruning gloves, usually used when getting him into the carrier for his vet visits. His annual vaccination is due this month, I'd better make sure the gloves are handy.

    Mimsie; and just yesterday I was growling at him, saying I wish I'd never brought him home. he'd had me getting up and down to let him in, out, in, out...for a couple of hours. Finally I put my foot down and left him out. For at least an hour.

    Margaret-whiteangel; thank you.

    Merle; Angel wakes me at 4.30 to go out and wee, again at 6am so I can let him back in and that's how the morning goes until he's ready to nap.

    Joanne; he was an adorable kitten, and now a gorgeous (annoying) teenager. He spends a lot of time on top of his tallest tower in the back porch.

    Lee; he is beautiful, but I'm glad he doesn't shadow me. We enjoy cuddle time, but when it's over I'm happy to see him settle elsewhere.

    joeh; and he sheds it everywhere all the time!

    Happy Elf Christine; it's just different camera angles, there was only a couple of days between the photos.

    Grace; yes he is, he looks fat, but it's all fur; most of his fur is about 6cm long, tail hairs are 10cm, I know because I stepped on his tail once and as he sped away a length of hairs was left under my toes, so I measured it.

    Cheryl; his fur is long and very thick, very hard to find any skin when checking for fleas. I'm almost positive he has some maine coon in him.