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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

back to normal? not yet...

ho-hum, the saga continues.

Power? Yes we have some, thanks very much, but a lot of areas are still without.

The weather really put on a tantrum last night. Trees were lashing back and forth in the wind, some trees came crashing down onto cars, others just lost huge branches. A few people had roofs blown off, none around this area that I know of. 
The beaches though, they had wild crashing waves along with a king tide, sandbags were handed out to people in danger of flooding by seawater.
Have I mentioned that I'd love to live right on the Esplanade, close to the ocean?
I've changed my mind. Maybe one block back from the beach is a better idea.

Hot water? I was going to say it hadn't been fixed yet, but as I was typing a knock came at the door. An electrician to check the heaters.

We had two nice young plumbers this morning, about 8.30am, but they couldn't do anything; it seems the style of heater we have is gas, but with an electronic ignition. They'll have to call an electrician. 
He's just arrived, 2pm-ish, had a look and hoped it was just a matter of someone turning off the power switch in the switchboard box. Or maybe it short circuited if some rain got into one of the heaters somehow. 
So he turned that on, off, on again and we heard a funny popping noise, he said one of the heaters is faulty. 

But now the switch should be working, so could we all please test our heaters by turning on the hot water. 
Me first. Yes, mine is working. Yay! Hot shower !
Then P tested hers, all good there, and the man upstairs, also good. 
The only heater left untested belongs to the zombie. He isn't home, no one has seen or heard him since I saw him walking away down the street on Saturday morning.

The electrician asked us to please ask C to check his heater when he gets home. We don't know when that will be and he is unlikely to turn on his hot water anyway, since he rarely washes. So we won't know, even if he does come home.

So hopefully, the water heaters stay on now and there'll be no more dramas.
And now I'm off to finally wash the greasy strings I call hair.


  1. Hooray for hot water. Blissful.
    I wash my hair every day, and would be suffering.

  2. That's good you can wash the hair and have a decent shower. Did hear about the bad weather over your way - let's hope it's all ok now.

  3. Elephant's Child; I only wash mine once a week, twice in summer and I'd planned to wash it Saturday, but put it off then Sunday happened. Today's shampoo was bliss indeed.

    Margaret-whiteangel; the bad weather is state-wide, including here in Adelaide. In my suburb we've had the rain and tree-lashing winds, so not so bad. But it's set to continue for a couple of days yet.

  4. I agree with you--no cottage on the beach!

  5. I saw lots of pics on TV of the damage in Adelaide and glad you stayed safe.
    Great to have the hot water back. You will enjoy that shower more than most.
    Same happened here for different reasons and altho' you can have a good wash down in cooler weather there's nothing like a lovely hot shower.

  6. We lost power for 8 days after Sandy in 2012 but we had gas for heat, hot water and cooking so it wasn't all that bad.

  7. That first shower after no hot water or other plumbing problems is wonderful, I remember my first one after the bathroom was done just lovely.

  8. Joanne; right. One block back should be far enough and still close enough to walk down to the sand and get amazing sunset or storm photos.

    Mimsie; I'm well away from the beach, so no flooding and well away from the hills, so no summer fire danger. I worried about trees coming down, but the upstairs flats would get damaged before me, so I'm pretty safe.

    joeh; 8 days! I thought my two and a half without hot water was bad enough. Although, until the power went out I could still boil the kettle to wash with. I'm glad our power was restored quickly.

    Merle; the first shower after being deprived is blissful isn't it?