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Thursday, May 12, 2016

banana-na-na-na make those bodies sing!

Susan Kane of The Contemplative Cat fame recently posted about TV commercials and whether or not they have any effect on us. 

Do we enjoy any of them?
Do we ignore them? 
Do we fast forward through them on a recorded program?
Would any of them tempt you to buy what they're offering?

I remembered this advertisement for bananas from so many years ago, in the 1990s:

if that doesn't make you eat bananas, I'm a monkey.

and those same kids 14 years later:

I've always loved bananas and still eat them often, but sometimes what's available in the supermarkets just isn't good enough.


  1. This was supposed to have been here at 1am :(

  2. WOW....... That is one exciting banana commercial.
    It makes me want to go out and get some bananas.
    Love the follow-up. They all look so healthy.

  3. Oh my - that song is so annoying LOL I'm not a huge fan of bananas...

  4. I love bananas, I remember the Chiquita Banana song here in the States.

    1. I'm Chiquita Banana and I'm here to say..."

  5. If you can't love all those kids, I'm a monkey.

  6. Bananas, yes.
    That song? No. Not for me. Or perhaps I have my grumpy hat on this morning because I am coming down with a snotty, achey lurgy.

  7. Typically I ignore commercials but those 2 are so cute. The actors were cute kids and grew to be really attractive adults.

  8. I had no memory of the banana ad until I heard the very familiar song. "How can you not have seen that ad?" I am asked at times. Simple, I very rarely watch them.

  9. Belva; I eat bananas all summer with yoghurt, for breakfast. Less in winter, then I'm an apple girl. They do all look so healthy don't they? Is it the bananas? Or is it Australia?

    Grace; I ignore the song and focus on the kids enjoying life and bananas.

    joeh; you'll have to post that song on your blog for us to hear.

    fishducky; perhaps you could post it too. We get Chiquita bananas here too.

    Joanne; they're a delightful bunch aren't they?

    Elephant's Child; ignore the song and focus on the kids, turn the sound down. Yuk on the lurgey, hope it doesn't get too bad.

  10. Cheryl; I like it, I think it's catchy and the kids are wonderful.

    Andrew; some ads are like that, seen and forgotten when they're no longer played. But I've always remembered this one.

  11. There are some ads that make me smile or have laugh, but mostly I will fast forward through them...I record a lot of programmes so that helps.

    I love bananas and always have a couple a day. If they get a little over ripe I cut them up into pieces and freeze them for use in making smoothies. I know when the banana skins start getting a little to black most of us back off from eating them, but in actual fact, the bananas are far better for us when they're like that. Their nutrient content is heightened.

  12. What a cute ad! I can't imagine an ad for an actual fruit or veggie here. If it isn't full of sugar or some overpriced old lady health food, I just don't see it on tv!

    The "banana" song totally would not work with my accent. It would sound horrid. :)