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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

looking for specific music

I'm searching for an instrumental piece I remember from the seventies, (I think), it has keyboard, guitar and drums, maybe other instruments, I can't be sure; the opening sound is similar to a lonely train whistle. 
Note I said "similar to", not "is".

I have no idea who the band is or what the piece is called.
All I really remember is I like it a lot.

But if anyone can help me find it, I would be grateful. and I could purchase it from I-tunes to add to my playlist.
I've been wading through long lists of instrumentals on you tube without success :(


  1. Was it an international release or just an Australian release?

  2. Grace; I have no idea, possibly just Australian. A lot of radio play stuff released here wasn't heard overseas and vice-versa.

  3. Good luck. I am clueless. Of course.

  4. I have found many gems of "lost" information on Google. But I always have to ask very specific questions, and funnily enough, I often find the answer... but it does take some digging.

    Hubby calls me, "the goose chase queen", because I'll go off on one online, but am often rewarded :)

    Try entering something like "seventies instrumental songs that begin with a sound similar to a train whistle", and see what comes up.

    Enjoy the rabbit holes it takes you down. Good luck :)


  5. Here are a few that might stir your memory into the right direction, River.

  6. Elephant's Child; that's okay :)

    joeh; probably, but you can't hear me all the way over there.

    Vicki; I spent a long time with Google last night and got nowhere. it wasn't one of the "top ten" or top whatever, what I found were lots of jazz bands and the stuff that got a lot of radio time.

    Lee; I'll check those links right now.

  7. It didn't begin with human whistling?

  8. Andrew; no, I think a synthesiser keyboard or something, steel guitar?

  9. aha! I haven't found it yet, but steel guitar is the sound I'm looking for.

  10. No haven't got a clue.

  11. Merle; me neither, even after hours at you tube. It's possible it might be a steel guitar solo, that's what I'm searching next anyway.