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you get lost and find a better one.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

"no-one" thinks I could probably get a job at the North Pole....

I saw a need for something and ordered one online. 
It arrived yesterday.
In a box.
I had to put it together. 
Myself. Just me. No one else.

Here we go.

Trusty screwdriver set.

Roll of Gaffa tape, because this stuff is so very handy. Better than duct tape actually.

Let's begin.

Oooh! Instructions. I like instructions.

A bag of bits

More bits

Wheels! I like wheels :)

Steps one and two completed.

Now I need this bit,

to attach this bit, the back axle,

and the supports.

See these tiny little nuts? How many times do you think they fell out of my fingers?

Now this bit goes on. 
This was the trickiest part. 
Holding the red bit up on its side, trying to also hold the handle bit, the screws kept falling out when I tried to attach the nuts. I needed an extra pair of hands. Where are Santa's Elves when you need them?

I ended up holding the screws in place with a piece of gaffa tape while I screwed on the nuts far enough to hold. Then I held each nut in turn with the supplied little spanner doo-dad while I screwed the screws tight with my trusty screwdriver.

Attach the washers and the wheels before "pushing on", ha ha,  the end caps.

This is an end cap.

It goes here,

Like so. 
Do you think those little buggers would just "push on" like the instructions said?
No Way. 
I had to grip the axle, balance the end cap delicately and hope it didn't fall off, then whack it hard with the handle of the screwdriver. Because I couldn't be bothered going out to the toolbox and getting the hammer. 
Repeat for wheels two, three and four.

One little red wagon. 
And it only took me about an hour, maybe a bit less.

Why would I want such a thing?

Here's why>>>

To hold the cat carrier.

I can't carry Angel to the vet anymore. Last year for his annual vaccination, I had to stop every few metres and flex my fingers and roll my shoulders. He isn't hugely heavy, although he is big, but my neck and shoulders just aren't up to carrying angel and the awkward size/shape of the carrier.
It will come in handy for getting bags of potting mix too and moving pots about in the garden should I want to.
His appointment for this year's booster is today, so I wheeled him in this. After I wrestled him into the carrier....


  1. congratulations! on getting and assembling your wagon. Good Job! I admire your desire to adapt to and overcome obstacles. You are quite a lady River!

  2. When it was all done, there had to be a surge of satisfaction! I am impressed.

  3. I need something like that...but I think I might just pinch an IGA shopping trolley instead. I'll hitch it to the rear of my little chariot next time I load my groceries into the boot...and shoot off home with it! I think that would be easier than having to put it together. I, of little patience! I still have two flat-pack cupboards to put together...and I'll still have them to put together this time next year and the next and the next.... ;)

  4. A little red wagon has got to be a very handy thing to have! Good Job!

  5. I think everyone should have a little red wagon. I have one that I pull around my garden with my pruners, shovel. rake etc. so I don't have to keep running over to the potting table. I am sure you will get loads of use out of your very nice little wagon.

  6. Under an hour...not bad, not bad at all. My wife loves doing stuff like this, I don't do well with directions so it works out quite well.

  7. It's GREAT! Why don't they come assembled, though?? Bah.

  8. LOVE your little red wagon. And your persistence. Yay you.

  9. I was in such suspense, wondering what it was. Yes, it would be handy in the garden too. I'd love to see a photo of you strolling along, towing Angel behind you.

  10. mohaverat; thank you. apart from the tininess of the nuts, it was relatively easy. I often put stuff together, well, I used to.

    Susan Kane; I was very satisfied with myself.

    Lee; lots of people around here pinch shopping trolleys, but I don't think they attach them to their cars. There's one couple here with one in their backyard, every week they walk it to the shops and load up with groceries and booze, then walk it home again. At least they aren't just trashing it.
    My ex-the second is a whiz at flat pack stuff, ask around, maybe someone near you is also a whiz at flat pack stuff.

    Grace; it will be very handy, but there's one thing I forgot. It's a kid's wagon, so the handle is a little short. I'll have to get and extension for it.

    Cheryl; I remember days in the past when most kids had one of these, now they all have computers instead.

    joeh; I'm not sure about the timing, I kept stopping to photograph the stages, but it didn't take long at all.

    Happy Elf Christine; good question, but I'd say the answer is: it is easier to post a square cardboard package than an awkwardly shaped ready made wagon which could more easily be damaged in transit. I don't mind putting things together anyway, it's half the fun.

    Elephant's Child; persistence is something I have plenty of along with time.

    Andrew; such a photo is unlikely to ever be taken.

  11. I bought two kitchen chairs from They were the “retro” diner style, with bent aluminum legs & red vinyl seats. They came unassembled. The following is a review that I sent to Overstock: “The chairs arrived quickly and are very comfortable. Assembly was relatively easy IF you followed the pictures. The written instructions were as follows (& this is a direct quote): Assembly way to request attention: all screws don’t first lock to tighten, until back cushion to lock tight after that, this chair all screws lock to tighten, then success.” For some strange reason, my husband had difficulty following the instructions, although I read them to him very slowly & enunciated carefully.

  12. What a marvellous way to take Angel to the vet and you did a great job with the assembly. I love putting things together. We've bought quite a lot from Ikea over the years and I'm in my element with a screw driver and an Allen key, I let Phil help if he's good. :(

  13. fishducky; I'm betting those instructions were translated literally form the original Chinese.

    Mimsie; I've done a few Ikea things too and bookshelves from Officeworks. Angel loved riding in the wagon, sat in there like the king he is.