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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Purple Rain?

I've just been at you tube listening to Purple Rain by Prince, who died recently.
Going by many people's comments on assorted blogs I read, Purple Rain was one of his most popular songs.

So I thought I'd listen and see what it's all about.
I couldn't listen to even half of it. 
I don't like it and don't see what everyone else sees in it.

Probably I'm too old, the songs are for a younger generation after all.


  1. Prince leaves me cold, too, and so did David Bowie - not an age thing, I don't think. I've always been a bit 'square'. (Though I love Queen . . . )

  2. Not a fan of Prince's but he certainly has written many songs I like.

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  4. I love the song and I love the movie; Both were released in 1984...and I've loved both since then.

    I'm not of the "younger generation", nor was I then, really, but I have the CD and the DVD of "Purple Rain", along with the DVDs of "Sign o the Times", "Graffiti Bridge" and "Under the Cherry Moon"; and "The Glory Days"; along with the CDs, too, of "The Very Best of Prince"; and "Diamonds & Pearls".

    Prince received an Oscar for "Purple Rain"...brilliant.

    I was and still am a huge fan of Prince. He was a genius. And, as you know, I'm also a huge fan of David Bowie. In my opinion, we lost two great of the music world; two creative genius.

    But as with everything...we all have our likes and dislikes...I just happen to like both Prince and Bowie very much; and have much of their music.

  5. jabblog; I liked David Bowie, but not every song he recorded. Another talent gone too soon.

    Margaret-whiteangel; he had more fans in my daughter's generation.

    Lee; it's interesting what appeals to different people, makes the world an interesting place. My daughter had the Diamonds and Pearls album.

  6. I liked Purple Rain enough but overall not a huge Prince fan. I do think he was a tremendous talent as he could play every instrument, write music, produce music and was a spectacular entertainer. Not my genre of music per say but the other night I watched the SNL tribute to him with all the clips of his appearances and he really was uniquely talents. I suspect that the reason, I tended to not get into his music is that when he came into popularity, I had younger kids and was preoccupied with other things. More wrong timing on my part and I wasn't keeping up with music at that time in general.

  7. Hi River,

    Purple Rain's great - but I love this psychedelic effort better:




  8. I was never a fan. Which is fine. There is something for everyone.

  9. Cheryl; I don't like Purple Rain at all. When Prince came on the scene I had two teens and two younger kids, so my oldest daughter was a fan. I wasn't keeping up with music, but I found I liked a lot of what my kids were listening to.

    Plasman; I'll have a look at it, but usually I can't watch psychedlic stuff with out getting a headache; my eyes don't focus well on things that spin and change constantly.

    Elephant's Child; there's plenty of other music we can enjoy.

  10. Plasman; not too hard to watch, but I won't be adding the song to my playlist.

  11. Had heard his name but never listened to his 'songs'. Definitely not my cup of tea from what I saw on TV after his death although it is said he was quite brilliant.
    Wrong generation me.