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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sunday Selections # 276

Welcome back to Sunday Selections!

This once-a- week-meme was originally begun by Kim of Frog Ponds Rock, as a way to showcase some of the many photos we all take, but don't get around to showing on our blogs.

The rules are very simple:-
1. post photos of your choice, old or new, under the Sunday Selections title
2. link back to me, River, somewhere in your post
3. leave me a comment so that I know you've joined in and can come over and see what you've posted.
4. hop on over to Elephant’s Child to see more of her wonderful photos.
  Andrew often joins in too.

I usually go with a theme for my Sunday Selections and this week, surprise, surprise, we're back at the beach.
This week: Semaphore South, a couple of days after the storm and the king tide. 

Noonies Cafe. I'm not sure if it is closed for the winter or just because it was a weekday, possibly they're open on weekends until winter really sets in.

just a small section of the seaweed that got dumped on shore by the preceding storm. It looks like a fairly evenly spread thin blanket, but is actually quite deep in some places. 

the waves were choppy, but low. I was hoping for some crashing high waves, but the wind was too low, almost non-existent. And not at all cold.

at the breakwater, where sky and horizon are almost the same shade of grey.

a lone kayaker setting out to challenge the waves.

some of the seaweed was in higher mounds, I imagine most of it was straight after the ocean dumped it there, and a lot of it has already washed back out to sea. Those mounds are quite firmly packed and can be climbed on and walked across.
The seagulls were having a great time foraging.

more choppy waves.

I always called these joined shells angel wings when I was little.

a metal detector, hard at work, but finding nothing.

the lovely couple operating the metal detector. I forgot to ask their names, but we had a lovely chat about things he'd found in the past and the single coin he'd found today. A two cent piece, long ago removed from circulation here in Australia. I asked if they'd like to be on the internet and they said, "why not?"

this mound of seaweed was almost as high as my chest. About a metre or so.

there were many mounds of all sizes dotted around the sand.

here's my foot sinking in as I walked across the 'blanket'

this is one of the lookouts where you can sit and watch the ocean, see the greenery on the right?

down under all that green is a hiding place for snakes, so when winter is over and things are warming up in spring, best to be careful around coastal greenery.

I'm not sure what these birds are, but they were all watching the waves very intently.

there is a house for sale along this stretch of the Esplanade and if you bought it, this would be your view from your balcony.

there it is, the one with the striped awnings. The second house in a row of five.



  1. If you live by the ocean you risk powerful storms and salt air destroying everything over time...If I had the money I would risk it in a minute!

  2. I love a stormy ocean. I'd buy that house for the view!!!

  3. It is too long since I have seen and smelt the sea. Thank you for taking me with you.

  4. I've never seen seaweed piled that high. I think beach cleaning machines would struggle with that much seaweed, so best let it go back to the ocean. The for sale doesn't immediately come up at real estate sites. It looks quite modest but with a great view. I was curious about the price.

  5. I don't know much about kyacking, but I have seen them turn over in rough water and take some time coming upright. Not for me.

  6. Ahhh....a lovely stroll along the beach; thanks for letting me join you. Lots of good health there in all that seaweed!! ;)

    Have a wonderful week, River...cuddles to Angel. :)

  7. The couple look happy.
    Enjoyed your photos of the sea. Let's hope it's calmer when we sail next month.

  8. joeh; if I had the money I'd be there too. What's a little maintenance compared to watching the ocean and walking on the beach every day?

    Grace; if I had the money I'd buy that close, but maybe not that house. It has an electric stove and I prefer gas for cooking. Because it is an attached house, possibly the stove can't be changed as laying new gas lines would be difficult.

    Author R. Mac Wheeler; I enjoy seeing Florida too.

    Elephant's Child; I wish we had smell-a-vision, there's nothing like the smell of an ocean breeze to lift the spirits.

    fishducky; me too, although mine wasn't actually on the beach, it was a three minute walk away and a rented flat rather than a house.

    Andrew; we often get huge piles of seaweed every year, at least once. The For Sale sign was there, I just angled the photo to miss it. The house is listed at $610k, three bedrooms and bathroom upstairs, living, dining, kitchen, laundry and toilet downstairs. Main bedroom and second bedroom have built in robes, kitchen is excellent except is has an electric cooker and I'd prefer gas. Would you like me to email you the floorplan?

    Joanne; kayaking isn't for me either. I know I can't hold my breath long enough to wait for the kayak to right itself.

    Lee; you're welcome. We'll take another stroll next week and see some shells. Cuddles to Remy and Shama too.

  9. I love the beach on stormy day, I like the wide open areas with not many people.
    So much seaweed, it's good for the garden, are you allowed to take it away.

  10. Merle; I'm not sure about being allowed to take any seaweed, but I live too far from the beach to be able to carry any.

  11. Margaret-whiteangel; they were happy; I learned they come out after every storm and sometimes find nothing, sometimes a lot, in the past they've found jewellery tangled in clumps of seaweed; a reminder to leave your necklaces and bracelets home when going swimming.

  12. .. I loved your photos River.... so much seaweed's amazing.... I'd like to live near the ocean.. xxx
    I caught up with your other posts... I like your story ...
    have a good day ..hugs... Barb xxxx

  13. I rather like grey days and you've captured one so beautifully.
    I wonder if anyone collected seaweed for their gardens? I believe it makes a good mulch altho' I wonder about the salt content.
    Will they be able to restore the jetty that as badly damaged, do you know?
    A view like that would be wonderful but rather costly price-wise I would imagine.
    Thanks, once again, for sharing such a wonderful variety.

  14. Barbara; the seaweed will be mostly gone soon enough; there'll be more with the next storm, thta's how it goes all winter.

    Mimsie; I like grey days too, I find too much bright sunlight causes my migraines, that's why I wear sunglasses all the time.
    Many of our jetties get damaged in these storms, they are old, repairing is an ongoing thing. It's costly though, so sometimes a jetty may be repaired to a shorter length.
    Seaweed used in gardens is rinsed very well before using. I think some of this lot will be collected and sent to wherever zoo waste etc is composted and eventually sold back to the public as mulch.

  15. I don't exactly know why but Noonies Cafe (building) reminds me of the movie " Fried Green Tomatoes."
    Lovely older couple. What a fun passtime for them.
    Wishing you a beautiful week.

  16. Your pictures are wonderful. I have never lived near a coast and wasn't aware that seaweed mounded like that. We used to take a winter trip to Florida every year and stay at a condo on the beach and found it very calming and restful. I am sure that living in a home with that view would be lovely.

  17. Belva; there are many cafes along the beaches here, some similar to this one, some are more modern. I've never seen Fried Green Tomatoes, I tried to watch it years ago, but it didn't appeal to me.

    Cheryl; thank you. We get the seaweed mounds quite often after a huge storm, especially when followed by a king tide. I lived near a beach as a child and spent most of my time on the sand or in the water all summer long.