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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

they assume too much

I'm a little annoyed with my email page. 
I'm with yahoo7 and for years they've sent and delivered my emails satisfactorily, and they still do, but now there's something new.

When I empty my inbox, I get a message saying "your inbox is empty here's some videos for you to watch."

why? What makes 'them' think I want to spend my day watching videos of something I care nothing about?

ditto clearing my "sent" box: "your sent box is empty, here's some videos for you to watch.

No thanks.

Again, with the 'spam' box: "your spam box is empty, here's some videos for you to watch."

Even when I empty the 'trash', I get videos that I might like to watch.

I don't like this new feature at all. I don't watch any of the videos, it just makes me click away from my email page that much faster.
There doesn't seem to be an option for not getting the videos; I'm stuck with seeing them pop up there.

grump grump grump: anyone else annoyed by this?


  1. Yahoo email has been doing this for a while now. I hate it too.
    Also hate how they sometimes ask for your mobile number. I find it doesn't load quickly either.

  2. I think it's not only extremely rude and unnecessary, but it's an invasion of a person's privacy! That is so wrong!!!

  3. Margaret-whiteangel; I ignore the mobile number request, but find the page loads quickly enough for me.

    Lee; it is an invasion, but more the annoying kind than invasion of privacy. They're not insisting we watch any of the videos, they're just there and that irritates me.

  4. I haven't struck this, yet. You are a rare person indeed with an empty inbox.

  5. I completely agree!

    Every once in a while I'll empty the Spam folder and forget to click back over to the Inbox. Later on I'll hear the sound from the videos playing in the background.

  6. That just happened to me on hotmail, which recently morphed into outlook.

  7. I guess "they" think we're all robots an will watch without question, whatever they tell us to. It hasn't gone that far yet......I hope.

  8. I'm glad to say this hasn't happened to me (yet)!!

  9. As the technology advances, there are more and more ways for folks to try to get us to venture into things we really don't care about. We just have to say no!

  10. Sigh.
    I hope that my email providers aren't paying attention. It would irritate me to the max.

  11. I hadn't even noticed that. I have been picking up my Yahoo email on my iphone and those videos don't come up but today when I checked Yahoo on the computer...there is was. That is so annoying!!!!

  12. I'm with gmail no this doesn't happen to me but for some reason I always forget to check mine I do it usually once a week and don't delete much so it's always got something in it.

  13. Andrew; I clear it almost every day, inbox, sent box, spam and trash. I like to keep things manageable.

    Kathy G; there's not much that's more annoying than hearing sounds you don't want while reading blogs or strolling through the virtual world.

    Joanne; I began with outlook years ago with my first computer, changed to yahoo several years ago. I'm sad to hear other email providers are doing this too.

    Belva; I think it has gone that far for a lot of people. Maybe they're not on an actual computer, but they are all attached to their iPhones and smart phones which all are able to access emails and internet.

    fishducky; heads up; it's probably coming soon.

    Linda Kay; I feel for those who can't say no and end up spending all day and night watching and scrolling, watching and scrolling...

    Elephant's Child; I'll bet they are watching. I just ignore the videos and close the email as soon as I finish reading what's important to me.

    Cheryl; so it hasn't reached the iPhones yet? That's a blessing.

    Merle; I empty my email every day, keeping only those with tracking numbers for something I might be getting delivered. As soon as the item is in my hands, those emails get deleted too.

  14. I wasn't happy with the ads/ videos appearing at the top of my email list either. I try not to pay them any attention but it is messy and irritating. The price of a free email provider I guess.

  15. Tracy; these are full width videos at the bottom of the page when I empty the inbox or spam etc. The pop ups across the top are irritating enough, but narrow so I've got used to them.

  16. These videos are so intrusive. Websites drive me batty too. You can't look at them without some crap video hitting you in the face - or sometimes you suddenly hear something running in the background - and it's a video at the top of the page. Makes me spit!