Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Friday, May 6, 2016

well that didn't work out so well

reduce! he cried.

but I'm not fat, she lied.
then she sighed.

of course he meant declutter, so off she went, into the kitchen. 
first decluttering movement: washing, drying, putting away the dishes she'd used.
one sink, decluttered. 
hmmm, looks good.

and then she opened the first cupboard and removed everything. 
looked at it, then put it all back. 
there was nothing that could be thrown out.

opened the second cupboard. 
some of them used on a daily basis, some less often, some rarely.
but all of them needed.
she closed the cupboard. 

vowed to spend the next day clearing out, rearranging the bottom cupboard.
a vow she wouldn't keep of course.
it was filled with foodstuffs. 
dry goods, cans of soup, bottles of oil, sauce.
some used daily, some less often, some only rarely.
but there was nothing that could be thrown out.


  1. Sounds like my place...I keep threatening, but the procrastinator takes over!!

  2. Lee; you and I are procrastinator queens :)

  3. Yeah, hard to get rid of things sometimes.

  4. I feel her pain. I even hate to get rid of stored foods that have gone past their expiration dates. Heck, if it were okay to get rid of stuff just because of a little ol' thing like age, we'd ALL be at risk... :)

    Have a super weekend!

  5. Very funny. At least you thought about it.

  6. It's really hard to let go of things, but if you keep thinking about declittering one day it will seem natural c

  7. We have waaaaay too much kitchen stuff. But I am not the sole arbiter about what stays. I think for example that we really, really don't need four blenders (of various sizes and capacities). I lost that argument. And the one about cake tins. And baking trays.

  8. Linda Kay; I decluttered before I moved five years ago, again after I moved and three times since. Enough I say!

    Susan; I will eventually go through that food cupboard and toss out things I know I won't use, left over things bought for a recipe that didn't turn out well and I won't make it again.

    Andrew; I knew you'd like this :

    Kathy G; I'm well used to decluttering, I do it often enough, but I think I've got to the point where I only have things left that I use.

    Elephant's Child; four blenders? Can you whittle that down to the largest and the smallest? Probably not if they all do get used. Cake tins and baking trays here only get tossed out if they go rusty, so...never :)

  9. And I love and adore throwing things out...

  10. Altho I know de-cluttering has to be done, it still has some painful moments. I wonder if a man were told to de-clutter his garage how that would go.

  11. Grace; I like a good clean out, but there's not much here to toss anymore.

    Susan Kane; I'm glad there's no man here. I get to toss anything I like.

  12. De-cluttering doesn't sound like it should be difficult but yet it is. I go through all the closets and cupboards sporadically to straighten them and thin out the unused. Some how getting rid of "stuff" seems wasteful even if the stuff isn't being used any more.

  13. Cheryl; it took me several years to get over that "wasteful' feeling. I kept hearing my mother saying I might need it one day. Now I think that if I don't use it, maybe someone else can. Just yesterday I put a bag of stuff out on the low fence by the footpath, labelled it free stuff and sure enough, someone took it within an hour. A couple of saucepans rarely used so still looking new, and a whole lot of plastic ware which is too big for my needs now that I freeze for one instead of four.

  14. All my surplus Tupperware and other similar items went some years ago. I am now down to mostly basic necessities as I don't do a lot of cooking these days. There is one small shelf that needs checking though....flour, etc which I think are out of date. This has spurred me on to do that.