how does he know?

The cat is psychic.
He must be. There's no other explanation.

I'm sitting here typing away in people's comment boxes and Angel is sound asleep on the couch.
Not so much as a twitch when I get up for coffee or breakfast.
So I start thinking now might be a good time for that extra long shower where I shampoo my hair.
I glance over, yes, he is deep in dreamland. all good. I'll just finish the comment I'm currently typing, then I'll shut down.
Just as I type the last word he jumps up onto the table right in between me and the keyboard for a scratch and cuddle.
I'll have the shower anyway but I will have to share the bathmat space.


  1. I'll bet you can't imagine your life without him now.

  2. Cats always know what is about to happen even when they appear to be fast asleep. I think that is why it's called a cat nap.
    I reckon Delores is right. Can you go back a few months and remember life without Angel? Hard to imagine now I bet.
    Can you not shut him out for the short while it takes for you to have your shower or does he cry to be with you? That would do it.

  3. I'm telling you, there is a connection, ever since you two met. T'was meant to be - for better and for worse.
    Yes, cats are psychic :)

  4. They are most definitely psychic - particularly where their interests are concerned. And I am unable to have a shower on my own, or go to the toilet without attendants.

  5. Delores; I think back to those days without Angel every time I clean the litter tray, trip over him, clean up the spilled water bowl, but I wouldn't send him back.

    Mimsie; he enjoys the steamy warmth of the bathroom as much as i do, and he likes to lick the water off my feet and from the shower floor. Shutting him out doesn't seem right.

    Vicki; A connection yes, but I'm wondering why now and why this particular cat?

    Elephant's Child; I'm allowed to go to the toilet on my own, but sometimes Angel follows because he loves to watch the flushing.

  6. "why now and why this particular cat?"
    Sometimes, things happen for a reason beyond the obvious at the time. Perhaps, further down the track, maybe years later, it becomes apparent. Sometimes, we will never know why.
    Good things happen, and it's a blessing when they do.
    Jack came to me in an odd, roundabout way, and I'm forever grateful that he did. My little shadow.

  7. Stuck like glue, great little fellow.

  8. There are so many levels to love. He loves you so much he's even psychically connected to you.

  9. Sometimes they just know how to be infuriatingly affectionate, and of course, you can never ignore a cat:- that is the height of bad manners.

  10. Joanne; stuck alright. Head and heart.

    Karen; I think it's just a cat's sixth sense. And he does like water.

    jabblog; welcome back. I ignore him sometimes. and pay for it later.

  11. Our female mog Minnie came in last night at 6 30 while we were watching TV and without warning dropped a large mouse or a small rat on my feet and 'Meowed'.
    Less than a minute later the rat/mouse? went for a swim in the toilet. yuk.


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