Saturday Angel

Ready for your weekly dose of Angelic cuteness?

I know there's a pen hiding here, I saw mum push it under.

got it! now what shall I write?

uh-oh, mum's coming back, I'd better get down.

I'll pretend I was under here the whole time, she'll never know.

this is another thing I like to do, watching all that swirling water.


  1. Oh yes. Both of our cats are skilled pen thieves. And the toilet bowl often has cat footprints in it.
    Angel is such a charmer.

  2. He wants to start 'Angel Blog'.

  3. If you have a tablet there are games you can put on them for your cat to play with.

  4. Angel is absolutely adorable!!

  5. I think it's time Angel learned how to use the toilet! lol

    Can touch type, yet?

    Great pics. Have a lovely weekend, River. You might have to get Angel a life-jacket in case he falls into the toilet! :)

  6. Elephant's Child; he only wants the pen I'm currently using. All the others in cups throughout the room are perfectly safe. So far. I keep the toilet closed these days.

    Andrew; well that's not happening!

    Joanne; he's a cat poster boy.

    Delores; I don't have a tablet and no plans to get one. Angel will have to make do with the toys he's got. Soon there will be a new, taller scratching post, his current one is too short now.

    fishducky; it's a good thing he is so adorable, because he is also exasperating sometimes. Much less so than he used to be though.

    Lee; I don't have a clue how to teach him and I'm not sure he could push the flush button. And there'll be no life jackets, the toilet is small, if he falls in, he can get himself out. I keep the lid closed anyway. :)

  7. Awww, Angel, you're sooo cute!
    Gotta learn how to "use" the toilet - would help mum a lot. Maybe when you're older ;)

    Should call these posts, "Angel's Antics".

  8. Don't you think he has started 'Angel Blog' he is the star, and such a cutie too.

  9. Vicki; it would be handy if he could poop in the toilet, but would he then scratch the seat to pieces in attempts to cover up as cats do? Angel's Antics is a good name.

    Merle; He's not getting his own blog, he's already too bossy. Can't have him getting big-headed, thinking he's a star.

  10. Are you getting hit with a large bill for internet Kitty porn?

  11. These are such entertaining cat photos! I am struck by how much your cat looks like mine - almost the same markings and look a lot alike except for their faces- but mine is minus most of his tail due to an unfortunate accident!

  12. joeh; no, not yet.

    Susan F; a lot of tabbies look alike. Sorry to hear about your cat's tail, what happened?


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