Whimsical Wednesday # 132

Welcome back to Whimsical Wednesday!

The day for your (usually) googled giggle that gets you over the hump that is Wednesday and sliding down into the weekend.

Again, today's giggle isn't googled, this is a cartoon strip from a newspaper which I cut out and stuck to my wall with blu-tak.

shark: Kahuna, I seek your wise counsel.
Kahuna: Kahuna listening.

(See that torn side? Angel can reach these now, I've had to move several strips away from where I had them). 

shark: I fear I've become lazy and set in my ways.
Kahuna: You are lazy and set in your ways.

shark: Well...shouldn't I try to improve?
Kahuna: It's working for you. Why mess with it?

Kahuna: It'll all seem better after bowl of ice cream.
shark: You're right.



  1. Most things DO seem better after a bowl of ice cream.

  2. Delores--not MOST things.

  3. Or chocolate don't forget chocolate.

  4. Merlesworld is right. Or chocolate.

    And we have had to move rather a lot of things out of reach of cat claws too. Jazz claws mostly.

  5. Delores; ice cream is a great healer.

    fishducky; you could be right.

    Merle; chocolate ice cream!

    Elephant's Child; chocolate ice cream with chocolate sprinkles. I'm running out of places to put things. I've got framed photos in drawers now instead of on display.

  6. The strange thing I'm not keen on chocolate ice cream but I should be, i like vanilla blue ribbon the best.

  7. BLUE BELL HOMEMADE VANILLA or there will be war!

  8. Merle; I prefer Bulla Vanilla. I sometimes buy the big tub that is half vanilla and half chocolate, but usually just the plain vanilla.

    lotta joy; BULLA VANILLA Let the war begin.....ha ha.

  9. And I've just enjoyed a Peters chocolate drumstick...yummy!

  10. Lee; I buy those in the summertime, but not often. I prefer ice cream in a bowl.

  11. I just popped in for a quick look before getting our dinner and thanks for the cartoon. I really needed a laugh and you did it for me. Thanks. That is also quite good advice too isn't it? I felt down this afternoon so decided to had a a drumstick which helped no end.

  12. So glad your blog was my first stop this morning, nothing like starting your day with a smile.

  13. I like wise Kahuna's advice:-)

  14. Oh yes, Kahuna is right... everything is always better after a bowl (or two) of icecream.
    I'll be keeping Kahuna's wise words in my repertoire from now on, if ever, and whenever, I ever, ever feel guilty when contemplating a bowl of icecream. Thanks River, loved it.

  15. Mimsie; I had to go out and buy ice cream because there wasn't any left in the freezer.

    Karen BakingInATornado; I do like to make people smile.

    jabblog; me too, although I rarely need prompting to eat a bowl of ice cream.

    Vicki; ice cream should never have guilt attached to it. Save the guilt for cream puffs and eclairs.


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