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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

welcome to drifting

Why Drifting?
It's what I do. I drift.

Like a slow moving river, I drift along, avoiding obstacles.
I'm not the type to rush headlong towards a waterfall, make waves, get noticed.
I don't agitate, stirring up pots of trouble.

I'm more your laid-back, easy-going, take it as it comes type of person.
I'm calm.
Serene even.

Hey, someone has to do it, the world already has plenty of movers and shakers.

I take the easy way. I do the simple things.

I'm organised, a place for everything and everything in its place.
Because life is simpler when things are where they belong.
Life is easy when I don't have to search for my keys; when the book or dvd I want is in its proper place on the shelf.

I make few commitments on my time, apart from necessary things like work, or medical appointments.
I don't fill my days with a minute by minute schedule.
This comes in handy on the odd occasion when someone says "do you want to....?"; if the suggested activity appeals to me I can say yes immediately.

I've been criticised now and then by people who say I'm a stay-at-home, a stick-in-the-mud, boring.
These critics make valid points, but I am who I am, I enjoy life enough without looking for extra excitement.
I'm a simple person with simple values, living quietly, happily.

I'm a river.
Drifting along, being there for the people who need me.


  1. I think you are living the happiest, best life there is! Who could possibly criticize you? I can only think it's people who are not happy with their own choices in life. I'm a lot like you, except for your wonderful organization. I used to be that way, but over the years, I've gotten to where I have trouble keeping up with the clutter... I roll with the flow, don't like to rock the boat, don't like too much change, but when I HAVE to, I can handle it! I think you're just fabulous, River dahhhhling! :)

  2. Hi River,

    You are who you are.

    Don't change because of what others say.




  3. Boring you are not. Ever.
    I love that you found who you are, and honour her.

  4. You're much like Popeye--"I yam what I yam" Don't change!!

  5. Thanks for re-posting River. I'm a bit of a drifter too and it works for me. Have a nice day. xo

  6. A stealth it. I try to be the same way. Sometimes I am not very good at it.

  7. .. lovely repost, River.
    I like that you have 'a place for everything and everything in it's place' .... it took me many years to figure out that this makes life easier....
    have a great day .. hugs to Angel.. Barb xxxx

  8. Becky; the clutter is annoying and every so often I get fed up enough to turf out a lot of unnecessary odds and ends. I've come to the point where I might be putting something away and asking myself, "will I ever use this again?" and I know I won't, so into the bag for Vinnie's it goes. That's our local secondhand shop, which now has quite a lot of my stuff.

    Plasman; like Popeye, I yam who I yam.

    Elephant's Child; I'm a lot more boring in real life than I am here. I think I am anyway. Or maybe I'm just a lot more quiet. Self-contained.

    fishducky; I have no plans to change, not even a little bit.

    Tracy; drifting is easy isn't it? just take things as they come and work with it. You have a nice day too.

    joeh; keep practising, it gets easier.

    Barbara; it's something I learned from my mum, even with toys when we were little. We could have things out all day, but before dinner, everything went back where it belonged.

  9. I don't think I ever wrote any kind of introduction at the beginning of my blog. I like yours.

  10. Andrew; thank you. I didn't write it right at the beginning, it was eleven months later. My very first post was in May 2010 and about three sentences long. Then I learned how to add photos :)

  11. Similar to you, River...I enjoy the simple a simple life; so that is what I do. I keep to myself...because that is what I prefer to do. If people want to criticise me for the way I am; for the choices I make for me...I don't care. Too bad...they shouldn't bother wasting their time. My choices are my choices, not theirs.

    I hate making commitments and stay well clear of them at all times. Of course, sometimes it is unavoidable. I lived by commitments day after day, week after week when I worked...but now that I no longer work and am the age I am...I'm committed to not making commitments! :)

  12. Lee; it really is the most peaceful way to live. Even when I was working, my only commitment was the job, the rest of my time was free.

  13. You are never boring and into that life of yours came Angel to share it with you.
    I too am a stay at home but unfortunately not always by choice. I enjoy my own company, especially when Candy is with me.
    Just keep on being who you are as that is the person we know and whom we have come to love.

  14. Mimsie; I'm definitely a stay-at-home by choice. When I go out, that's my choice also and often I go by myself. But never after dark anymore.

  15. I have not been one of your readers since 2011 River, but I did come across this post a while back when "drifting" through your site! I've been busy with real life and haven't been on-line as much as usual this year, but I am spending some time this morning on your site, just getting caught up!


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