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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

out with the old, in with the new

We're all familiar with the bright blue shirts worn by Coles workers?

here's a reminder....a little faded, but still blue.

Well, these old, soft, comfy shirts are no more.

We have new shirts.
NEW! shirts.

Beige and white striped shirts.
Still with the red logo.

Almost looks grey doesn't it?
Trust me, it's beige. Maybe I should turn on the flash now and again on my camera.....

the logo is on the back too, so coming or going, everyone knows us as a Coles worker.
Handy for customers looking for assistance.

There's a back pleat for ease of movement.

Cuffs on the sleeves too.
We had a choice of sleeve lengths, short, three-quarter, or long.
I chose short, as I always do, I can't work in long sleeves, even rolled up they're uncomfortable for me and three-quarter sleeves just seem odd to me.
They're neither up nor down and drive me crazy.

The women's shirts have darts for shaping and semi-fitted side seams too.
They're in a heavier fabric than the old blue ones, so these shirts need to be ironed.


I haven't ironed anything in years!  
Well, an occasional pass of the iron when the blue shirts got left in the dryer..., maybe twice a year.

But these new shirts will need ironing after every wash.

So I had to go out and buy one of these...

An ironing board for heaven's sake!




All because we need to upgrade our image. 

Walking into the store yesterday and seeing everyone wearing the new shirts.......well, we do look
a little more professional.
We all look rather nice.


  1. They do look nice, but ironing? Have you tried getting the shirts out of the dryer right away and hanging them? Sometimes that works with some fabrics.

  2. They make a fabric relaxer now that you spray onto the fabric and then just pull and smooth it out with your hands. Not sure how well it would work but it's worth a try.

  3. Iron is a four letter word! I do what Elf Mom does and immediately hang dry clothes over my laundry hamper... eventually the hamper finds its way back upstairs.

  4. Maybe you can introduce a more casual, informal look in Cole's shirts. An unironed look.

  5. They do look nice. Ironing is very low on my list of preferred jobs but I do still do a little. I like the feel of ironed pillowcases you see. Not the sheets, never the sheets.

  6. Ironing is low on my preferred household tasks. I do iron pillow cases though - I like the feel of them. One of my sisters in law irons sheets too. I am not that crazy.
    Could you hang your uniforms as soon as they are washed? Would that help?

  7. Happy Elf Mom; I don't often put things in the dryer. That's a last resort when it's been raining for days on end and I'm running out of dry underwear. Line drying in the sunshine is my preferred method, second choice is the small camping clothesline set up on the back porch if it is raining. With the old blue shirts being so soft I could peg them to dry and then transfer straight to a hanger without ironing. But these new shirts crease too much, too easily.

    Delores; I've never heard of that type of fabric treatment, perhaps we don't have it here. Of course I'd probably be the unlucky one-in-ten-million people who got an allergic reaction on my hands from it. I've chosen to use a spray on starch, non-aerosol of course.

    CarrieBoo; I immediately fold (or hang), and put away dry clothes. Which I did with these shirts, then the wrinkles didn't fall out, so I dusted off the iron...I quite like making things smooth as mirrors, I just haven't had to do it for such a long time.

    Joanne Noragon; I don't think the bosses will accept that. Most people's blue shirts were looking pretty casual. I think they're wanting us to project a more professional image now. I've even resurrected the hair elastics and bobby pins.

    EC; I used to iron pillow cases, way back in the day when I was still ironing school uniforms. Not any more. I worked with a woman once who ironed absolutely everything. Socks, undies, bra straps, everything! Especially sheets.

  8. Ironing is my least fave chore. The girls do their own uniforms now.

    Nice shirts though

  9. peskypixies; I used to love ironing. I would get it done at night while I watched TV, there was never very much, mostly school uniforms. Then the kids started doing their own. When we had crisp white shirts for Coles, I ironed those, but once we switched to the soft blue ones, I gave up ironing. I never iron my regular clothes, scruffy jeans and t-shirts just don't need it.

  10. how rude.

    Make sure you add the time it takes to iron the damn thing to your work hours.


  11. Arrgghh, I hate ironing, feeling for you. Really Coles, nice look but think of your staff.

  12. What brand are these new shirts now?

  13. I wonder that too where there buying their shirts,there so uncomfortable.