What Irritates You Monday

"What irritates you Monday" is a meme thought up by Delores from TheFeathered Nest.

Here, on a Monday, we get a chance to vent our little, or not so little, things that irritate us.
It doesn't have to be something on that particular Monday, it can be anything that irritates you any day of any week. 
Today, my irritation is....

tiny print

really tiny print 

I'm not kidding, our phone book has been reduced in size, so the print is much smaller now to fit everybody in there. 

Our newspaper isn't so bad, but the TV pages.......see for yourself.

I had to get the magnifying glass!

At least until my eyes were focusing properly. 

Anyone who could produce a TV guide with large print would make a lot of people with aging eyesight very happy.  
Even the regular sized print that we used to have would be better. 
yes, they'd probably have to add a few extra pages to fit all the content, but think of the benefits to the aging community. They'd no longer have to call on their carers to read the programs before deciding there isn't anything worth watching anyway.


  1. Too right! While I'm far-sighted and small print isn't yet an issue, I can see (boom-tish) why it's a bother for so many. Surely it's only a very measly amount they save by not having those extra few pages printed in your phone books. Seems very stingey!

  2. Being Me; I'm far-sighted too and cross eyed, but even holding the page back as far as possible isn't helping. So I wear glasses, but still have trouble with anything smaller than what I use here on screen. This is one reason why I love my kindle, the font size is adjustable.

  3. It is labels in the supermarket, or on medication I have most difficulty with. Sigh...

  4. don't get me started on supermarket labels, especially the ones that have to be there by law, but no one really wants to see them so they're miniscule. I had dozens of customers asking me to please read the ingredients on cans and half the time I couldn't!

  5. The print size in telephone directories is ridiculous! Ditto the itty bitty print they use for the Sunday New York Times crossword puzzle. I mean, really? It's almost impossible to read the numbers in the puzzle grid.

    On the plus side, I had cataract surgery on both eyes about ten years ago, and the lenses the doc implanted provide for mono-vision. That means I can see clearly for distance out of one eye, and clearly close-up out of the other. So MOST times, I can read the small print, but doggone if it doesn't seem like printers are trying to compensate by printing things even smaller...

  6. You said it. What bad eyes I have, said the big bad wolf. Yes, I do. I keep reading glasses throughout the house and magnifying glass in a couple of spots. Getting old sucks.

  7. Phone books, classifieds, medicine bottles, labels of all kinds...I'm thinking of getting a collection of magnifying glasses to have in every room and even in my purse.

  8. I brought a magnifying glass from home so our road super could read the number on a fuse he had to replace. And I bought him one to have on hand.

  9. I was having problems reading our new smaller telephone books until I had my two cataract ops and now I can read anything and quite often without my glasses too.
    Our Sunday Times has a so-called TV guide in the guise of a magazine which is actually more full of advertisements than anything about television programmes themselves. There is very little description of the programmes themselves and the pages are interspersed with full page advertisements. If there is anything that irritates me it is that TV guide. I now mainly rely on checking for TV programmes on the internet website which is often also more up to date.

  10. Susan; Our crossword puzzles are getting smaller too. A neighbour here has a friend who photocopies the daily crossword for her in large print. I may have to start doing that myself in a few years.

    Manzanita; I have one pair of reading glasses and a pair of bifocals plus the magnifying glass. So far I'm managing reasonably well.

    Joanne; that was nice of you to supply an extra magnifying glass.

    Mimsie; I don't have cataracts. the Sunday paper one is the TV guide I use too. Pages and pages of inane articles, advertisements in regular sized print, and then the program pages with tiny print and not much more than program titles.
    Because of all the extra channels, they have to be all squeezed in. I think they should use extra pages instead. There's not much worth watching anyway.


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