what is a WASP?

I've come across this term before and never given it a second thought.


Is it an acronym?
What does it mean?

Here's a passage from the story I'm currently reading:-

"She was a sophisticated New Yorker and a brilliant young lawyer with no place to go but up.
There were two things she wasn't though.
She wasn't an international beauty and she wasn't a WASP".

Can anybody out there enlighten me?


  1. A WASP is a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant. Essentially the ruling class in too many Western cultures.

  2. Found this River...

    Hope that helps. It'll make sense if it sounds right, in context :)

  3. WASP is is a fairly common acronym. They haven't put one together yet for the newest phrase, fat white men.

  4. So now you know. I guess we two over here are both WASPS but hardly part of the ruling class...just a couple of poor old aged pensioners.

  5. The poor get kicked in the teeth whatever colour they are.

  6. Elephant's Child; thank you, it's nice to know the actual meaning.

    Vicki; EC's comment helped, context is right for her meaning.

    Joanne; I've read it a lot and heard it in a few movies, just never knew the actual meaning.

    Mimsie; you're just a very nice person, nothing at all waspish about you.

    R.H. that's true.

  7. It just goes to show how easy it is to assume that everyone understands acronyms. Actually WASP is almost as much of a slur as WOG which used to be current many years ago but is now, rightly, politically incorrect.

  8. ..and so we all learned something today...

  9. Whate Anglo Saxon Protestant haven't heard that expression in a while

  10. I haven't heard it used recently but it is kind of put down phrase. Your view doesn't count because you are a WASP and would not understand. That is, you have the natural advantage of being a white Anglo Saxon person, and so you can't understand what it like to not be a WASP and what we face. If you are a WASP, you are of the ruling class.

    Most interesting.

  11. jabblog; now I'm wondering what WOG means. Is it another acronym? I know that years ago Italian immigrants were called wogs.

    Kymbo; learning is good.

    Delores; I only hear it in movies and read it in books. I've never heard anyone actually say it.

    Andrew; I had no idea it was a put down phrase. I thought it was merely descriptive.

  12. It used to be the ruling class..... white anglo-saxon protestant. But now, at least in the US, it is the minority who pay the taxes to support the 75% of non-WASP's who are living off the government.

  13. White Anglo Saxon Protestant.

    Never heard anyone in the midwest say it, but I don't doubt that it's used in the east.

    Ruling class. Elite/snobbish/keeper of rules.


  14. Hi River,

    There is a metal band from the 1980's called W.A.S.P. - and that doesn't stand for anything pleasant at all.




  15. Manzanita; thanks. Really 75% living off the government? That's a lot.

    Pearl; I got the idea they were elite and snobs just from reading books. but it's nice to have my thoughts confirmed.

    Plasman; I'd never heard of them and thta's probably a good thing.


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