flash fiction

This week Delores has given us two challenges for her "Words for Wednesday".

The first, six words to create a story or poem with, the second, a couple of sentences to build on to, which she has called "Flash Fiction."

We (and you too) can do either or both
.Please, join us.

I'm posting  the Flash Fiction today and my Wednesday Words on a Friday will be posted as usual tomorrow.

The starting sentences from Delores are in bold italics, the rest is mine.

Flash Fiction

"What a fool he was to have had so much to drink. The world was spinning out of control and out of focus."
He'd lost track of time and all sense of direction. Which way to go?
He'd come so far into the maze, boasting to the others that he'd be through to the centre and back out again in no time at all, yet here he was, turning left, turning right, becoming more and more dizzy as each new, green lined path, looked exactly like the last one.
He looked up and saw nothing but roiling grey and black clouds as the storm rolled in and his stomach began to heave.


  1. Great job.....I haven't come up with anything yet for either prompt. I'd better get on it.

  2. Oh, well done!! Remembering my past when I was young & foolish gives your excellent word picture a real scare factor!

  3. Delores; you have plenty of time.

    Red Nomad OZ; I never did stuff like that when I was young and foolish, probably because I didn't drink. I still don't drink and I'm no longer young, but I'm probably still foolish.


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