Whimsical Wednesday #86

Welcome back to Whimsical Wednesday!

The day for your googled giggle that gets you over the hump that is Wednesday and sliding down into the weekend.

I can hear you laughing from here!


  1. Of course I cannot see anything but a sleeping puppy. And yes, I am lying like a pig in mud. What an amazing photo. And a beautiful puppy.

  2. Feel like EC, lying through my teeth ! Love it!

  3. Whatever do you mean?

  4. I'm with Delores. What internet ruined what puppy? Whatever.

  5. This will give Highriser the horrors.

  6. Elephant's Child; sleeping puppy is all I see too....

    Gillie; you too? ha ha

    Vicki; exactly

    Delores; ummmm..........

    Joanne; the puppy doesn't look ruined at all.

    JahTeh; I think he'll like it.

    Happy Elf Mom; who doesn't like a cute sleeping puppy?

  7. Dear little puppy. I bet he's warm with that lovely coat of his. Were other people perhaps thinking it was fluffy kitten.....NO! Very clever photographs and thanks for a really good laugh. hahaha

  8. bwaaaaaa haaaaaa haaaaaaa!

    *deep breath*

    bwaaaaaa haaaaaa haaaaa

  9. Looks pretty wide awake to me.

  10. My son goes to the junior high listed in Missouri. :) I didn't think anyone would get it. But kind of weird to think that your kid goes to school where they shot a horror film.


  11. OMG I thought you had turned porno.

  12. LOL I thought they have taken softtoy or softpxxn to another level.

  13. Mimsie; I'm guessing he is a golden labrador or retriever puppy.

    Kelley@ magneto bold too; made your day, didn't I?

    Andrew; ha ha!

    Happy Elf Mom; "Sometimes They Come Back". I'll have to look that up. I was thinking of the movie Christine about the car, but the car doesn't go into a school in that one.

    Manzanita; who, me?

    mm; why ever would you think such a thing? It's just a sleeping puppy....


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