for my niece, G

who has only four and a half weeks left until her baby boy is born.

thank you google.


  1. So that was the problem. I had girls, who wanted hot fudge sundaes.

  2. That explains so much.

  3. I wanted jelly rolls so VERY badly.

  4. I was so fortunate as I don't remember ever getting cravings except to do lots of sewing and knitting for my first one. It was a girl so perhaps that explains it.
    All the best to your niece for the birth of her son.

  5. Joanne Noragon; one of my girls wanted tomato sandwiches, on fresh white bread with real butter and pepper. But only for a couple of days.

    Merlesworld; yes it does.

    Delores; apart from the few days of tomato sandwiches, I had no real cravings. And never any middle of the night yearning for odd foods.

    Mimsie; I remember losing my taste for chocolate with the first baby, so it's no surprise to me that she doesn't eat much of it. Maybe a nibble at Easter, that's it. I asked G recently "are you ready?" she said "I hope so..."

  6. HA! That's adorable. The only pregnancy that gave me cravings was my first. I fixed sauerbraten like four times in the space of two weeks. I simply could NOT get enough of it!

  7. Susan; I've heard it said that cravings happen when there is something specific that the developing baby needs and if you don't eat that something, the child will be unsettled when he or she is born until eventually they eat that item for themselves.


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