Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

a blur of fur

I was standing by the fridge, door open, gazing at the contents, as you do, when suddenly a blur of fur leapt past me and landed in the fridge.

IN the fridge.
Well, I scooped him out and dumped him on the floor and he gave me "that" look.
I'd spoiled his fun.
He wasn't going to discover the secrets of the big white cold box today.

River wins this round.


  1. Reminds me of our ravenously hungry and pregnant childhood cat that grabbed a string of sausages and took off, trailing them behind her.

  2. Yes, better watch your sausages.

  3. Andrew; like the cartoon dog that runs into the butcher shop and runs out again trailing a string of sausages.
    I don't eat sausages, so there aren't any and other meat is in the freezer, but I'm sure Angel would happily munch on the block of parmesan if he could get his claws into it. Then there's the jug of custard on the next shelf....

  4. Banzai kitty, foiled again.

  5. LOL.

    Naughty cat!!

    "Watch your sausages." I think I just found my mantra for the day.


  6. They do love to investigate everything don't they?

  7. Our Ryon used to rush doors that way. Any door was fair game. Whenever he got out we figured early on not to worry. He came home to use the box.

  8. Spoiling the fun of one cool cat :)


  9. Hopefully he will never learn Jazz's fridge opening trick. And I won't let Jazz see this post...

  10. Wow he is a character or just very hungry, he will keep you busy all the time.
    Ours just sleep now but they are all getting on.

  11. Vicki; I spend a lot of time foiling Angel's plans. He usually zeros in on my dinner plate, so now I pay attention to where he is before I set it down.

    Pearl; if I know you, there could be a whole saga written around "watch your sausages" :)

    Delores; yes they do, usually stuff they shouldn't be investigating and often things I think Angel would have no interest in.

    Joanne; he came home to use the box? That cheers me in case Angel ever gets out, but I'm still going to be very careful that he doesn't.

    Molly; he'll soon learn the fridge is too cold to be playing around in.

    klahanie; and i shall continue to spoil any fun he shouldn't be getting into :)

    Elephant's Child; I sincerely hope he never learns to open the fridge.

    Merle; he's certainly not hungry, in fact I think I may be feeding him a bit too much, I'll have to cut back a bit.

  12. ... what a giggle... not everyone has an Angel in the fridge... lol...
    Hugs and Blessings..
    Barb xx

  13. I am fortunate that I've never had a cat do that but I remember years ago when defrosting the fridge I did find one small cat sitting in the open fridge helping itself to an open tin of food. My memory tells me it was PAL but surely not as we only had two cats. Took a pic so perhaps show it one day.

  14. "as you do" -sigh- I do it all the time River, all the time.......

  15. Barbara Neubeck; i hadn't thought of it like that. I have an Angel living in my home.

    Mimsie; I used to empty the fridge or freezer if I was defrosting, so had to keep an eye on the stuff on the table. But these days fridges and freezers are mostly frost free and don't need manual defrosting.

    Rose ~ from OZ; I rarely stand and gaze into an open fridge, but I know a lot of people do. I was wishing I'd bought a mushroom to add to my other pizza toppings.