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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Angel's Antics

*title suggested by Vicki* Thanks Vicki.

A few weeks ago, while Angel was still kitten sized, I was searching for a toy to keep him occupied, something he could play with on his own, so I could get more computer work done.

Someone suggested a "cat dancer",  I think it may have been Susan Kane. So I searched online, watched a you tube video of a kitten having a wonderful time with one of these "cat dancer" toys and ordered one.
(Actually I ordered three. One is stashed away in case the cardboard strips get chewed beyond saving).
I put one in the kitchen, down fairly low as Angel was small still and watched him play. He loved it.

this is a cat dancer toy. Small strips of tightly twisted cardboard, about one inch long,  threaded onto sprung steel wire. The other end has one strip of the cardboard and you can hold it in your hand to swing for your cat to jump and catch, or you can feed the single strip through the edge of a door by a hinge and then close the door to hold it in place. The wire will stand out from the door and tease your cat into jumping and playing.

this one is attached to a cardboard scratch panel fixed to the wall via "command" adhesive strips. It is in my bedroom, by the back door and Angel ignores it about 99% of the time.

I had the other one attached to the kitchen cabinet by the sink.

it didn't hang out far enough from the cupboard as I'd forgotten to bend the wire at a right angle at the top where it was attached to the door. I fixed that later.

Angel played with it anyway.

leaping all over the cabinet and often enough landing in his water dish making quite a mess.

about a half an hour later Angel was rolling on the floor, just occasionally batting at the strips of cardboard.

until he was worn out.

then he'd start over.

This lasted for about a week and then he'd had enough.  
Wouldn't go near it.
So I moved it, next week you'll see where.


  1. He looks so lovely and soft.

  2. He is such a beautiful boy. He fell on his feet when he moved into your heart.

  3. Susan is right; it is the purrfect toy. What a big boy!

  4. I should get one of those for myself...I need something to play with!!

    My two are still chasing their felt catnip-scented mice around the place...and I'm still retrieving them for my rascals when they, the mice, get flicked under a cupboard or wherever else!!! More fool me!!!

    Cuddles to Angel. :)

  5. He is such a cutie, I had forgotten how much they play when kittens but it is nice when they tire out and sleep.
    Merle ........

  6. .Hello River, I can see why Angel likes his new toy.... something bouncy he can sink his claws into...lucky boy...
    looking forward to seeing where you put it ext...
    Hugs ... Barb xx

  7. Oh Angel... handsome boy. And, that tail!
    I saw the cat dancer in action on YouTube. Great idea, and seems to give kitties a great workout.

    Like little kids, cats get bored with toys after a while. Putting the cat dancer in new, "unexpected", yet, favourite spots in the house for him to discover is a good thing, I think.
    He seems to like the bathroom, is there a safe spot in there to put the cat dancer, where he can't get into trouble for a while?

    Your gorgeous boy is also keeping you mentally on your toes working out new ways to keep him occupied ;)

  8. Hey River, I think maybe we met a few years ago on the inter webs - if this is the same River, I am glad to see you have your own blog now. :)

    My cats *love* the red laser light. Last night they chased it for half an hour all around the house. They would probably have kept chasing but the humans grew tired.

    I've added you to my feedreader so I will be here reading. :)


  9. Delores; he is very soft, warm too.

    Elephant's Child; he does have lovely markings.

    Joanne; he's a bit bigger now. his coat has thickened for winter and his appetite has increased a bit too, just like mine.

    Lee; a cat or a toy? Get both. oh wait, you already have cats...:)
    I'm going to have to get some catnip scented mice. I'll be at the pet store on Monday, looking at taller cat scratchers, I'll check for catnip mice then.

    Merle; It's VERY nice when he has a nap, I look forward to it so I can get stuff done.

    Barbara; I have to find a third place to put it soon. I'm a bit limited for options. I may put them away for a while, then they'll be new when I bring them out again.

    Vicki; Angel loses a few hairs from his tail now and again, I measured them and they are fully 3 inches long! There is nowhere safe in the bathroom for a cat dancer. I'll put them away for a while, to renew his interest when I bring them out again.

    Snoskred; hello!! Yes, I'm the same River, welcome to drifting! I started this a little over 4 years ago.
    I bought a red laser light and it was fantastic for a few minutes, but like any other toy, Angel prefers to chase the hands that hold them rather than the toy itself. It's why I now wear leather gardening gloves when I play with him. I'll pop over and see what you've been up to.

  10. Reminds me of how we would multifold a piece of paper, tie it on string and hang it from doorknobs. I think young cats are like young children, they only have limited attention spans and need to move on to new toys but they very often go back to the older ones which he'll probably do with this toy.
    I agree that Angel certainly chose the right home when he moved in with you and even though he can be a challenge at time, I can feel your love for him coming through each time you talk about him.

  11. Mimsie; I tied things to doorknobs for a while, but Angel chews through ribbons and strings, he even chewed through the elastic holding a mousie to his scratching post.
    Loving Angel is the same as loving your children even when they are being a royal pain in the you-know-what. When they say they hate you and you say you hate them right back, but you both know the love is still there.

  12. Hi River,

    One thing I have been tempted to do is to make a tiny video of each of my moggies in there natural environment, which is a tricky thing really considering they are so different.

    Getting lazy Jasper to move would be a huge challenge.

    Trying to find timid Poppy and get her to do anything would be a miracle.

    Attempting to coax Liquorice to perform without ripping my hand off would be near impossible.

    I feel like rising to the challenge.

    Watch this space (well perhaps my space...).




  13. Plasman; perhaps a cattle prod? I'm kidding of course. But if you coax Liquorice to perform I suggest wearing elbow length leather gardening gloves. The type designed for pruning roses.