Another Angel Saturday

I'm going to show you one of Angel's favourite places.

between me and the keyboard.
I brought Angel home on April 6th. On the 7th, he clawed his way up the tablecloth, which I have since removed, and snuggled into the crook of my elbow. He fitted nicely from elbow to wrist.

this stretched out photo is me trying to show you how big he is now. That darker fluffy patch at the front is his curled up tail.

the eyes are closing


this is my hand just over halfway down his back, by Angel's hips.

and the rest of him with his tail curled up and around. You can just see the tip of my finger in the top left hand corner.

Look at that face. Hard to believe he sometimes drives me bananas.

see that raised paw? He's just reached up and patted my cheek. Probably saying put the camera away now and get back to rubbing my cheeks.
He LOVES having his cheeks rubbed.


  1. Joanne beat me to it. He is beautiful. And even in photos melts my heart.

  2. A picture of contentment. He really fell on his feet when you took custody of him.

  3. I love seeing photos of Angel...the little poser! ;)

    My two are competing for room beside my keyboard right at this moment...and they're bigger than happy days ahead for you, River! lol

    Have a great weekend, you and Angel.

  4. I wished all cats and dogs had Mummas like you River....

  5. Awww, these are heartwarming and heart melting images.
    You two were MEANT to be together.
    And, any future typos are purrfectly understandable - I'll just imagine Angel patting your face and fingers as you type :)

  6. What a little sweetheart. A match made in heaven (cat heaven that is).

  7. Joanne; sometimes it's AAAHHHH!! when he gets onto the keys.

    Elephant's Child; right now he is trying to lie on the keyboard and I'm nudging him off.

    Andrew; I wonder if he remembers now where he was before?

    Lee; put one on either side and keep yourself in the middle, blanketed by furry warmth.

    fishducky; not always, but often enough to make me glad I brought him home.

    Rose~from OZ; I wish I could bring the other two, I just can't afford to and it would get a little crowded here too.

    Vicki; I knew it the minute I picked him up and he licked my fingers. How could I leave him there after that?

    Delores; I agree, a match made in heaven.

  8. Thanks for starting my day with a great big dose of cuteness.

  9. He is just beautiful. I love the patches of white on his chest and feet. Best of all, though, is that cheek-patting move. Our cats do that, too, and it about melts my heart.

    Happy weekend!

  10. They are good company and so warm in winter.

  11. Karen BakingInATornado; you're very welcome.

    Susan; Angel doesn't pat my cheek often, he's more likely to scratch. He needs to be really mellowed to get a cheek pat.

    Merle; I'm quite thankful that he likes to wrap himself against my cheek in bed, with the nights getting so much colder now.

  12. He is so beautiful and in these photos he is well and truly living up the name of Angel. I wish Precious liked to be picked up and cuddled but even after 12+ years it frightens her. She will sit on my lap for ages though which is find very restful.


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