Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Saturday Angel

We all know I like to read, so there is often a stack of books on the bedside waiting to be read.

let's see, which one will I read first?

Gosh it's a hard decision.

Mmmm, those pillows look comfy.
Maybe I'll take a nap before I choose.

oh yes, this is comfy.

you can take the camera away now,

I'm going to sleep now.

I don't know how many more Angel Saturdays I can do. He is used to seeing the camera now and every time I turn it on, he sits and looks right at it. It's getting hard to catch him doing anything now.


  1. He is such a beautiful boy. Jewel runs away as soon as she sees the camera and Jazz (like some children) often puts on weird faces - or flattens his ears.
    I hope your poor mouth is feeling better.

  2. The little poser! He knows just how beautiful he is. I bet he stands in front of the mirror every time he passes one...admiring himself! ;)

  3. Seeing you reading often has made him curious about these books things.

  4. Elephant's Child; thanks, my mouth is much better, I'm taking antibiotics to settle the inflammation in the roots.

    Lee; he is a poser! A little annoying now because he does cute stuff until I get the camera. He ignores mirrors, I only have two, one in the bathroom which he can't reach and one in the bedroom, which he sometimes tries to reach behind to get the "other kitty".

    Andrew; maybe or maybe he just likes to get up there and see how many he can push off onto the floor as he jumps across to the dresser.

  5. But he is so handsome and quite the poser. Who needs cute, he says.

  6. glad to hear you are getting some relief from the teeth...... Cats love brings out their inner Diva.

  7. That is one beautiful, truly contented cat who knows when he is well off.
    Glad the tooth is not as painful and the antibiotics do their work well.
    Have a good weekend and sorry the oil of cloves didn't work as they should. If the infection is under the tooth they perhaps couldn't penetrate deep enough.

  8. He is such a sweetie my cats are all getting old and showing their age.
    I enjoy his kitten ways.

  9. Joanne; he is very handsome, with his golden eyes and a touch of gold in his coat. Not as much as his mum, but the gold is there. And he still has plenty of cute.

    Delores; I'm glad I can eat again, it's such a relief. I'm hoping Angel might learn to ignore the camera.

    Mimsie; he's the most contented cat I know, he owns this whole house. Yes, the infection is under the tooth. Under several teeth in fact, my whole mouth was hurting.

    Merle; I'm looking forward to growing old with Angel, he'll be a cuddly companion.

  10. Wow, he really is a pin-up cat.

  11. Vicki; he's a poster boy for Tabbies everywhere.