Thursday Thoughts #2

This is going to be short.
Very short.

There is nothing in my head except toothache and thoughts of the dentist. I was fine this morning, it came on suddenly, just like it always does.
I can tell by the type of pain that I'm in for another root canal treatment.

I haven't rung for an appointment, because I know from past experience she will be booked out, so I'll phone first thing in the morning, right before I go out and buy a truck load of pain killers.
I might get lucky and she'll say come in...

Speaking of teeth...Angel has his new, grown up teeth now. They're so big! I see them when he yawns. I hope he never, ever, suffers toothache.


  1. I am so sorry about your poor mouth - and will have my fingers crossed that you can get an emergency appointment.

  2. Sorry you're having tooth troubles again. I hope you can get in to see the dentist right away.

  3. Oh my! you poor love - that roll on the floor type toothache? nothing quite like it. AWFUL. wishing you speedy relief River! :(

  4. Yes, a speedy resolution to the tooth problem. Damn things.
    One of our cats had a tooth abscess before we noticed and it was extracted. The other had a gingivitis problem we treated with antibiotics. He didn't consider it a treat.

  5. I hate teeth painful things, HOPE things improve.

  6. Tooth pain is so bad, I'm very sorry for you, River.
    I hope you don't have to wait for very long to get relief.

  7. Elephant's Child; for a regular filling I could probably get an emergency appointment, but root canal work takes longer and she can't shuffle around too many patients. I have an appointment now for the 19th.

    Delores; there's no such thing as right away at this clinic. Waiting patients who have made appointments fill all the chairs.
    If I'd known this was coming I'd have mad and appointment last month for yesterday. where's a fortune teller when you need one?

    Rose~from OZ; it's that hit your face with a brick type of toothache. I took too many painkillers last night to get some sleep and have spent most of today throwing up and sleeping. (The post was scheduled last night)

    Joanne; once I get to my appointment on the 19th, resolution will be speedy. In the meantime we play the flare up calm down game that I know so well. So sorry your cats had to suffer this way.

    Merle; years ago when I wanted them all out, no dentist would do it for me. They're all about saving the teeth as much as possible. So I've been going through this off and on since my thirties.

    Vicki; thanks, it will be a while, my appointment is for the 19th. I'm not going to one of those "open on Sunday and public holiday" emergency dentists. I just don't have that kind of money.

  8. so it seems that toothache
    You asked for comments and follow my blog

  9. Ouch! I feel for you, River.

  10. Lee; thanks. I've spent most of the day sleeping and feel much better now. The worst of the pain is receding with the help of antibiotics. It was very comforting to have Angel following me to the bathroom and hanging over the toilet with me as I threw up. Then he curled up with me every time I took another nap.

  11. Andiri rahmah; welcome to drifting.

  12. Let's hope your dentist's waiting line is short too. Dental problems are really hard to deal with when left unheeded for a long time, and sometimes you'd have no choice but to undergo a procedure just to make it go away. As for Angel, I'm sure you're prepping her up on proper dental hygiene, which should hopefully minimize the chances of toothaches. Take care!

    Merle Wells @ Gillum Dentistry

  13. Merle Wells; welcome to drifting. I've had dental problems for many decades now, with a tendency to root abscesses inherited from my mum. And dental procedures are way out of my budget, so I go only when I have to. I used to go when I had toothache and was told many times "they" couldn't see any reason for the pain, but if I suggested root canal work, "they" were reluctant to drill into a healthy tooth. Angel is my cat, 7 months old.

  14. Oh snap. The night before last I was woken from sleep at 1.30am with a sudden, horrible, toothache that went right up through my jaw to my nose. I'd had no inkling of anything wrong before. I took 2 Panadol and eventually fell back asleep, and haven't had the pain since. But I know I need to make a dentist's appointment. And then I will need to explain to the dentist that I haven't been to the dentist in 8 years....
    The shame.
    I hope yours calms down - good luck with your appointment.

  15. I feel for you. I don't have that worry any more as my teeth were too chalky to spend money on. At our clinic you get there at 8.30am and they fit you in that day as they can which is convenient even if the wait could be a few hours.
    I do hope you have some pain killers and don't forget oil of cloves (altho expensive) do a great job to stop toothache. Thinking of you.
    Now that Angel's teeth are through he may settle down as they could have been making him somewhat fractious.

  16. Ugh. I just went through one myself! How it's better today!

  17. Jackie K; I'm glad yours settled with only two Panadol. I ended up taking far too many plus codeine, even trying the oil of cloves to numb them, so of course I was horribly sick the next day and slept a lot. Things have settled down now with the help of antibiotics. My younger daughter hadn't been to the dentist since she left school 20 years ago. Went recently for a check up and she still has perfect teeth with no problems.

    Mimsie; If the toothache had come on earlier in the day I would have headed to the clinic and waited there as long as it took, but getting there means a bus into the city then another bus to the clinic and it was already close to 5pm when the tooth flared up.
    I tried the oil of cloves, wow that stuff burns! It did numb the mouth a bit, but had no real effect.
    Angel does seem calmer now that all his teeth are through.

    Terri Tiffany; welcome to drifting. Things are better now with the help of antibiotics. I'll see the dentist on the 19th.


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