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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday Thoughts #4

Fifteen weeks ago, I brought home a small kitten shaped ball of fur.
Now I have a cat that is longer than half the width of my table.
I'm guessing Angel's dad must have been a big boy.
At seven months, Angel is almost as big as his mum.

Does everyone remember the shampoos and conditioners available in Australia in the 1980s?
Thick and rich and foamy, they left your hair silky soft and gleaming like a mirror. And tangle free.
They were full of all kinds of stuff, chemical stuff, the ingredients list was like something out of a laboratory, just like the shampoos and conditioners were.
But my hair loved them! I had soft, shiny, bouncy, curls that were tangle free.

Now, shampoos and conditioners are "natural" with the kind of ingredients you might find on your breakfast table. Apple, peach, strawberry. 
Or the dinner table, herbal essences, coconut oils this,  argon oil that, morrocan oils and so on.
None of which are any good for my hair.
Yes, they clean it, yes the hair is soft, but it just doesn't feel the same.
I've been disappointed since 1990.
And what's with the conditioners??
No longer are they thick and rich, foaming up to cover the hair and actually condition it.
No, todays conditioners are thin and feel like nothing on the hair.
The richness has been extracted and is now sold to you separately as "intensive treatments" "repair treatments", extra strengthening, extra volumising, extra shine, etc etc.
The shampoos are still thick and nicely foamy, well, most of them are. 

Bring back the Egg Creme shampoos and Protein conditioners of the 80s!!
Sold in Coles under the blue and white "Savings" label, the shampoo was bright yellow, the conditioner fairy floss pink. 

I've seen a few funny licence plates on cars around Adelaide:

here's a new one: DNA-TEST. 
Truly! I saw it last Friday. or maybe it was Saturday.

My thoughts today are also with Mimsie, whose dearest friend, Precious, passed away last weekend after being with Mimsie and her husband Phil for thirteen years.
RIP Precious.


  1. RIP Precious indeed. A very, very accurately named cat.
    Do you think Angel has stopped growing yet? We knew Jazz was going to be a big boy (huge feet) but I am astonished at just how big he is.
    DNA-TEST sounds as if there is a story behind it...

  2. Angel is a doubt he has a bit more growing to do.

  3. My niece has curly hair and is difficult to comb after washing her hair. We searched long and hard for a 'no more tangles' shampoo/conditioner and I don't think we found one.

    Perhaps you could make your own. Start with a raw egg.

  4. 99% of the time my hair is in a bun, if it's a bit fuzzy at the ends it doesn't matter so much.
    Say hello to the dear big pussy cat for me.

  5. Patent shampoo and conditioner are still full of chemicals which give your hair smoothness and shine.

  6. Elephant's Child; I don't know if Angel has any more growing to do. I know he is hungry a lot, but perhaps he is greedy.
    DNA-TEST; I was wondering if the driver works for a DNA testing company.

    Delores; Angel is certainly being a darling today and so he should be after the day we had yesterday. talk about miaow! ALL day. Today he is occupying himself.

    Andrew; there are spray-on de-tanglers available. You spray the hair after shampooing and before combing. I'll check next time I'm at the shop and let you know what I find.

    Merle; my hair isn't long enough to put in a bun yet. It used to be and now I'm growing it again. Fuzzy ends are probably damaged and/or dry and should be trimmed off.

    mm; Pantene? Yes, that's what I buy a lot of the time, for the smoothness and gloss. But nothing compares to the super cheap stuff I bought in the 80s. One litre bottles for $1.99 and my hair was in love.

  7. Yes, from your photos one can see that Angel is a beautiful, gorgeous, big boy. And, still growing.
    Have you seen Maine Coon cats? Stunning creatures they are. Google images of them next to "normal" cats. Truly the giants of the (domesticated) cat world.

    There are some interesting (and some lame) number plates around.
    I once saw a very beautiful couple get out of a very, very expensive red sports car. The number plate read NV US.

    Score one for vanity.

  8. Vicki; I have seen Maine Coon cats, Angel reminds me of them because of his tufted ears. There was one living here in the complex and I was getting friendly with him, but then he disappeared. Perhaps the family moved.
    I don't often see funny number plates, then one will catch my eye and suddenly they're everywhere for a while. NV US? I don't get it.

  9. Totally agree about the shampoos and conditioners. So I bit the bullet and bought some really expensive stuff. And when I say expensive I mean fifty bucks a bottle ON SPECIAL (admittedly they were 1 litre each) but my hair LOVES it and I bought the bottles in January and they are still going! AWESOME!

  10. The flashy couple in the red sports car were trying to get across how much people should envy them.
    Envy = NV us.

  11. Kelley; $50?? That's almost my entire grocery allowance! Email me the brand please? And where to get it? Because a litre would last quite a while, my hair isn't too long, just past my collar.

    Vicki; ahh, thanks.

  12. We are fostering our son's cat. Let's just say he is going home a lot bigger than he came. All he does is eat and sleep. Hope you find your shampoo!

  13. Thank you so much for thinking of us re Precious. We are getting there, albeit slowly.
    Speaking of shampoos of yesteryear. A hairdresser told my mum to use dog soap on my very thick, very long hair and it worked wonderfully well. It was Timid Joe dog soap but I doubt it is available now. As dog's skins are more sensitive than ours it was an excellent idea.
    I have never used a conditioner and now I use a shampoo recommended by our dermatologist which seems to do a good job. Phil has begun to use it as well.
    There are some weird and wonderful licence plate around in Perth as well and one of the best I saw a year or so back was GOOD AS IT and it was on a Hyundai Getz. Good as it gets....very clever I thought.

  14. I hate shampoos that smell like you should be eating them, why would I want my hair to smell like food?
    And none of the shampoos out now, and some of them are shockingly expensive, make my hair shine.

  15. Yes!!!!! I remember one I used to use called Silkience (I think) I LOVED how it made my hair feel and I had really long hair back then. I wonder do they still make it???? Actually I use Argon Oil on my girl's hair and it makes their long hair just divine xo Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

  16. I have to admit that I love argon oil, although I'm told that I do not want to look into where it comes from.

    So I haven't.

    That said, I take issue with shampoos lately. Why don't they lather?

    As for fruit in my hair care products, that's a huge turn-off for me. I don't want my head to smell like a fruit salad!


  17. Angel has sure been a blessing to you! So happy Angle found you.

    Conditioner? My mother always used rain water, collected in a barrel. Have you checked out "Vermont's Country Store"? It is a catalog that has brought back some of the old products.

  18. Linda; perhaps you could entice him into running around after a ribbon for a few minutes a day?

    Mimsie; dog shampoo? I've never heard of that being used for people before. I use a conditioner every time I shampoo, as I have dry hair to go along with the dry skin I've had all my life. any drier and I'd be a paper doll I'm sure. As good as it Getz is very clever.

    Karen BakingInATornado; my daughter uses a green apple shampoo most of the time, it doesn't smell too strongly and there is a peach one in her bathroom too. They smell quite nice if you don't use too much and rinse properly. Lucky girl doesn't have dry hair like me, she can use any brand of shampoo and conditioner and has the glossiest hair I've ever seen.

    Farmer's Wifey; Silkience sounds vaguely familiar. Perhaps I'll try the Argon oil types and see if my hair likes it.

    Pearl; now I'm curious and want to know where Argon Oil comes from before I try it. I find most shampoos lather, but not the conditioners.

    Susan Kane; I've used vinegar in water as a final rinse, but I don't think water on its own would condition my hair.
    I'll look into Vermont's Country Store, but I don't know that their stuff would be available here in Australia. Shipping costs are a little prohibitive.