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you get lost and find a better one.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

ignoring Time-Out Tuesday this week

so I can post this:

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!

Bring your appetites, bring your plates and forks.....

cakes are on me.  BYO green beer.

by Miss Couture Cakes, via cake wrecks.

by KC Cakes, via cake wrecks.

Thank you, bakers and cake wrecks.


  1. Those are very intricate cakes...I don't think I could bear to slice into one.

  2. Gorgeous cakes - and a very happy St P's day to you too.

  3. Amazing cakes, I'm happy if mine are eatable.
    Happy St Patrick's day to you too.

  4. Such amazing cakes!! I wouldn't have the heart to slice into them, or even break off a piece.... well, only for a little while, then curiosity would get the better of me, and I would just HAVE to taste a rainbow :)

    Happy Saint Paddy's Day!

  5. I had forgotten about Cake Wrecks! Have St. Paddy's Day.

  6. Delores; I've often thought the same thing.

    fishducky; was a happy enough day, I did a lot of what I like, dishwashing (helping a friend) but I may have overdone it. Neck and shoulders are protesting now.

    Elephant's Child; aren't they just perfect? Cake wrecks mostly has wrecks, but on Sundays and special occasion days, they show off the perfection that some bakers are capable of. Like the balloon cakes I emailed you.

    Merle; I'm happy if mine are edible too, mostly they are. those that fail get covered in custard and called dessert.

    Vicki; making the first cut would be so hard, but after that, well, it's just cake and hopefully you took a photo first. There are some mighty talented cake decorators out there.

    Susan Kane; go and browse, I can spend hours there, laughing at the wreckage and gazing at the perfection of the Sunday Sweets.

  7. Happy St Paddy's Day to yourself too.
    It would have been my brother Len's birthday today. He was born in 1911. I guess the day means more to me re his birthday than anything else. He's been gone a long time but I still miss him a lot.

  8. A very happy St Paddy's Day to yourself as well.
    Today would have been my brother Len's birthday. He was born in 1911. I guess today to me is more important being his birthday than for any other reason. He has been gone a long time but I still miss him very much.

  9. Mimsie; my brother was almost a St Patrick's Day baby, his birthday is tomorrow, he'll be 61.

    1. Sorry, I meant to say how I admired that cakes. Lovely.

  10. Those are some seriously clever cakes! Happy St Patrick's day

  11. My BF birthday is on St Patrick's day so we also do something 'green'. These are fabulous cakes River!

  12. they are simply adorable! I miss making cakes...

  13. I went to cakewrecks for the worst of St Pat's day cakes. These look like far too much work for me. My ideal cake recipe is, look in window, open purse, pay and make a cup of tea when I get home.