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Monday, March 9, 2015

Musical Monday # 50

Musical Monday

I was introduced to Musical Monday by Delores who copied the meme from another site.

I think it’s a fun way to show off some of the music we like and brighten up our Mondays at the same time. 

I’ll be finding my clips on you tube, so will simply credit that site since there are often so many versions of everything and I wouldn’t want to accidentally credit the wrong artist.

Today’s clip is: Blackfeather (from the 70s! check out the long hair)

Boppin' the Blues

If this doesn't get you tapping your fingers or toes, or both, I don't know what will.

One more thing...I wish I could play piano like that!!


  1. Happiest blues I've ever heard.

  2. The boppiest blues I have ever heard. To the point it needs a new name.
    And yes, fingers are tapping...

  3. The great old Carl Perkins song! Good stuff! It has the flavour of Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard about it with a bit of Fats Domino thrown in.

    My mother could play the piano like that. Actually, she could play anything from classical to this genre...and all in between. She was a natural...and brilliant on the ivories. At different periods through her life she played in dance bands...when I was a little girl. I can still hear and picture her playing. :)

  4. So cool! I remember this song too.

    Imagine being able to fly across the keys like that!
    I have SO much admiration for musicians. So very talented to be able to make music... not just noise.

  5. Delores; so when you're happy and bopping around the kitchen you can say you've got the blues.....

    fishducky; it's great isn't it?

    Elephant's Child; fingers and toes going here.

    Lee; there's not much to the lyrics, but the tune makes up for that. I'm a little envious of your mum.

    Vicki; I play like that in my dreams and I appreciate the skill of musicians too, so very much. Without them, what would we listen to?

    1. I was a bit envious of Mum's prowess on the piano, too. I learned piano for five years...I always did well in my exam, but I didn't have the natural talent that Mum just came naturally to her. I can't play a note now.

      If you listen to Fats Domino or Winifred Atwell...that how my mother played. But, as I said you play all genres...and played them well.