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Monday, March 16, 2015

Musical Monday # 51

Musical Monday

I was introduced to Musical Monday by Delores who copied the meme from another site.

I think it’s a fun way to show off some of the music we like and brighten up our Mondays at the same time. 

I’ll be finding my clips on you tube, so will simply credit that site since there are often so many versions of everything and I wouldn’t want to accidentally credit the wrong artist.

Today’s clip is: Eydie Gorme

Blame it on the Bossa Nova

and the lyrics so you can sing along:

and you won't believe what I found.......

line dancing! to Blame it on The Bossa Nova

fun? I think so.

But wait, there's more!  (No, not steak knives)
by now you're probably sick of the song, but there's one more. 
What you're about to see looks a lot like what I do in and around my kitchen. 
I can't believe I've been line dancing and not even knowing it!

Ha Ha!


  1. Oh my...I hadn't heard Evie in such a long time.

  2. I remember that song very well. Unfortunately I don't dance well. Most people think I am having a seizure and cal for help.

  3. Fun clips! I'm glad you didn't have any trouble loading them. :)

  4. It is a very, very long time since I have heard this.
    And I love the image of you dancing in your kitchen.

  5. Delores; me either, I'd actually forgotten she sang this, I just googled the song name.

    Jono; it's a great song. Perhaps line dancing would work for you, it's just steps.

    Susan; I'm glad too after reading about the troubles you're all having up there in the north.

    Elephant's Child; I hear the song quite often, it's on my ipods, but I'd forgotten who sang it. you do realise that isn't actually me up there, I'm quite a lot less graceful.

  6. Really River? And you say you're not a dancer... :)