Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Monday, March 9, 2015

sleeping, dreaming

Did you ever have such a great dream that you woke up happy and that mood continued throughout the day?

I had such a dream last night.
Do I remember it?
No, of course not.
It would probably make a good story, but all I have is flashes of conversation that took place in it.

The point is, I woke up feeling absolutely happy. And I have been happy all day.

There is nothing at all special about today, it's been a quiet day, a little drizzle, a little rain, a little sunshine, I spent a half hour in the garden 'tipping' the plants. You know what that is, right?

Trimming off newly growing tips to activate buds lower down on the branches to encourage bushiness in plants that are becoming a little too leggy.

I had a moment when I went out with my secateurs and discovered this>>

Naked stems, that only yesterday had been covered in lovely leaves of mint. There was also the fattest green caterpillar I had ever seen.
He died a speedy death I can assure you.
I know the mint will grow back, so I got over that minor disappointment quickly and picked some sage for my cup of tea instead.


  1. It's been a while since I woke up happy from a dream --really must start drinking herbal teas.

  2. yes! Those dreams are the best aren't they?! And I love when you get back into bed that night and you have the remnants of that dream feeling as you drift off. LOVE!

  3. I love dreams that make you feel happy when you wake up even if you don't really remember them.
    Oh, that was a very wicked caterpillar that stripped your mint but knowing mint, it will soon grow back which obviously the caterpillar won't do.
    I seem to be having different dreams as I grow older. Actually now dream of people I really don't know (or remember). Perhaps I passed them in a crowd once but they are strangers to me now. Fortunately no bad dreams but some that just have me puzzled.

  4. May you have many more happy dreams....the caterpillar not so much lol.

  5. *gasp* I'd be so mad! Dopey caterpillar probably had great breath when he died.

  6. What a shame to find spindly sticks in place of lush leaves. I'd do em in too. Happy dreams do make for a lovely day. Bless.

  7. I've heard about "Pleasant Dreams" not sure I've ever had them.

  8. Poor caterpillar! I usually keep them in a plastic takeway box, feed them with leaves or vegetable until they morphed into butterflies or moths and free them.

  9. I don't think I have ever had the mint stripped quite as thoroughly as that...
    Yay for pleasant dreams. And happy days.

  10. Oh dear. Oh well, at least the chubby caterpillar was happy... for a time. Lucky that mint is very hardy, and leaves will sprout very soon.
    Wish I had such great dreams! Nice that it kept you uplifted throughout the day. That's wonderful.

  11. I dream regularly...a full technicolour. Vivid dreams...and yes some do remain and cause happiness.

    Unfortunately, this morning I woke up sad...and this mood will remain until I get a positive end to the saga that is happening in my life at present.

    My landlords are in the UK at present, returning on 28th March after being away 5 weeks. In their absence I go to their home every morning to feed their chickens, and to feed, cuddle and chat with Molly, their cat. My cabin is on the same property as their home...on a three acre block of land. Their house is up one end, and my cabin down the other end, separated by trees in the middle of the we can't see each other's abode.

    Molly is a lovely little cat. And as I said I spend time with her each day giving her cuddles, pats and chats when I go to feed her and her mates the chickens. She loves her cuddles and I always feel so bad when I leave her until I return the next morning. Sometimes, I go up to the house more than once a day.

    When I went up to the house yesterday morning as is my norm...immediately I knew something wasn't right with her and then I went into action...quickly. I took her to the local vet and he confirmed my fears. Molly had been bitten by a snake. She will be at the vet's surgery for around 10 or more days. They gave her the anti-venom yesterday. She's been sedated and is on a drip. It's broken my heart. I HATE SNAKES!!!!! I HATE SNAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I rang the vet a short time ago...I'll ring them every day and when I'm allowed I hope also to visit Molly while she's still at the vets. They told me this morning she was more mobile than what she was yesterday...thankfully. She was just like a damp, limp rag yesterday. The snake's venom affects the muscles...and then the kidneys and hear. It sounded positive this morning...but until I have her back home safe, sound and well, I won't relax. I've shed many tears since yesterday. And when I woke this morning, down the poured again.

    Naturally, I've advise my landlords (who are also friends) of what has happened...they are very sad, too...but they know I've done what had to be done and they are very grateful.

    So, I'm feeling very down at the moment. And I believe that Remy and Shama have sensed something is amiss as they've not left my side this morning They know I'm upset..cats know...and don't ever let anyone convince you otherwise.

  12. fishducky; me too. I wish I had more of them. Also wish I could remember it.

    Geo; not sure if the herbal teas are the key, I drink a lot of coffee too.

    Kelley; they're the very best dreams aren't they! The mood lasted right up to waking this morning.

    Mimsie; I'd like a few more of these happy dreams. I don't usually have bad dreams, but do have dreams where everything is muddled and I wake feeling confused, or I'll wake knowing I've dreamed but not knowing anything about it.

    Delores; I would love more dreams like that one. I wonder if the caterpillar had time to realise the nightmare of my boot coming down on him?

    Happy Elf Christine; I was mad, right up until I stomped on him. Then I picked sage leaves and calmed down.

    Manzanita; I've only had that plant a month, it was just getting used to my area, but it should grow back quickly. I'll get another one anyway, then I'll have enough mint for tea everyday.

    joeh; never? never ever? surely that can't be so. Maybe you just don't remember them.

    mm; poor caterpillar?? with a million other plants to choose from, he should have settled elsewhere.

    Elephant's Child; it is quite a small plant, I've only had it a month and had tea leaves from it twice. There really weren't that many leaves as it was just beginning to get growing.

    Vicki; I often have days that happy, maybe I dreamed then too and just don't remember. Happy is my default setting anyway, happy dreams are a bonus.

    Lee; this dream was partly in colour. I remember lacing up red ankle boots with black and white laces. and bits of conversation.
    so very sorry to hear about Molly, hopefully she is on the mend now and makes a full recovery. I'm not a fan of snakes either, although I don't hate them. They have their space in the world and as long as they don't invade my space, we'll get along fine.

  13. . I often have vivid dreams that affect my day... mostly happy ones I'm glad to say... Hugs... Barb xxx

  14. I can never remember dreams when I wake - so I am glad that your dream, whatever it was, gave you a happy glow all day. Have a wonderful week and thank you for stopping by my blog.