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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Whimsical Wednesday # 165

Welcome back to Whimsical Wednesday!

The day for your googled giggle that gets you over the hump that is Wednesday and sliding down into the weekend.

No explanation needed here!

This one came to me via email from either fishducky or Elephant's Child, or I borrowed it from their site. I can't remember which, so both of you please take credit.


  1. We had a cat who needed a liquid medicine for a period of time. The cat came begging for it and swallowed it straight down. When the pharmacist made up the refill we asked and he told us "It's 40% alcohol, for the emulsifier."

  2. Hi River,

    What a silly man. I wear my suit of armour when dealing with my hellcat.




  3. It's not easy to give a cat medicine.

  4. Thank goodness, I've never had to give our cats any pills. It's more than enough of a challenge for me to trim their nails. (They do NOT like it one bit!)

    There's a funny essay about trying to give a cat pills that went around the Internet a while back. Have you seen it? Hilarious!

  5. I suspect it was fishducky, so I won't claim the credit which is rightfully hers. And yes, pilling a cat can be a challenge. A challenge which requires body armour. Some of them are good about it, and some of them have you scrabbling round on the floor looking for the pill they have just spat out. Again.

  6. I don't remember sending it, either, but you're welcome!!

  7. Cats and medicine not fun at all.

  8. That why I love cats, I think...they stand up for themselves! :)

  9. Joanne; alcohol? What kind I wonder? If I'd known that I would have crushed Angel's pills into some when he needed them recently. After all my bragging about him licking "anything" off a spoon, he refused to swallow whatever I crushed those pills into.

    Plasman; a suit of armor seems like a fine idea. I have elbow length rose-pruning gloves, that's a start.

    Delores; the worming paste is no trouble at all, Angel licks it off a spoon. Pills were a different matter entirely. Even crushed into his favourite yoghurt didn't work. He got better on his own.

    Susan; I've never tried claw trimming and I'm never going to. I like being alive. No, I never saw that essay.

    Elephant's Child; I'm hoping Angel never needs pills again; if he does I'll call a friend to help hold him still, or maybe use alcohol as Joanne's cat received.

    fishducky; it's possible this is one I googled for, but I collect so many I can never be sure.

    Merle; I used an elimination process to work out what was causing Angel trouble as he simply refused to take his pills any way I offered them.

    Lee; they certainly do have minds of their own. Angel and I had a battle last night. I wanted to sleep. He didn't. So after an hour of him yowling and me hissing at him to STFU, I got up, made coffe and started reading. He curled up and went to sleep. Hah! If I wasn't sleeping, he wasn't going to be allowed to either! I woke him every single time he closed his eyes for the next 40 minutes. Then we both went to sleep.

  10. this made me laugh! I used to give my Sugar Cat insulin shots every day for several years and I am reminded of chasing her down when shot time came. she eventually got used to it or maybe I got better at giving shots? She lived to be 19 years old! I miss her everyday.

  11. ... hello River..... Great cartoon..... LOL....
    Giving cats and dogs their meds always was my job... over the years I have hardly ever had trouble doing this..... 'Hugs... Barb xxx

  12. Susan, I've actually just found that cat essay in my throwing out and cleaning up frenzy, it is hilarious. I'll blog it.

  13. mohave rat; insulin shots for 19 years? You're a champion. I couldn't manage a 1/4 pill for four days! I totally expected Angel to lick stuff off a spoon like he always does.

    Barbara; I'll come visiting next time Angel needs medicating.

    JahTeh; looking forward to that essay.

    Jill Harrison; thanks.

  14. Cute cartoon.

    I'm surprised someone hasn't invented cat medicating gauntlets for that very reason.
    I suspect not every pair of long rose gloves bought at Bunnings are for gardening :)

  15. Vicki; I bought my rose pruning gloves so I could play with Angel without losing strips of skin and buckets of blood. I wear long rubber boots for the same reason. but I'd need to wear the pair of gloves to hold Angel, and that makes it difficult to hold a tiny pill too, the gloves are so thick. He got better on his own anyway, I did a diet restriction routine and found what was causing the diarrhea.