Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Whimsical Wednesday # 167

Welcome back to Whimsical Wednesday!

The day for your googled giggle that gets you over the hump that is Wednesday and sliding down into the weekend.

Black Fry Day (*~*)


  1. Along with soda-less Thirstday

  2. Snort. Though I suspect that anything sold in the Golden Arches becomes an instant success.

  3. Maybe they used the same tray over and over again.
    just a idea

  4. Delores; perfectly understandable.

    joeh; that's a great one!

    Joanne; Black Friday; the mad shopping day vs black Fry Day, with burnt fries at the fast food outlet.

    Elephant's Child; I really can't see black fries becoming a success.

    Merle; Black Fry Day means black (burnt) fries (chips)

  5. Can't say I'd want blackened chips either. Not a good deal at all.

  6. happy Christine; made me laugh for sure.

    Mimsie; me either, even overdone to the point of crispy brown is too much for me. i so rarely eat hot chips, I want them perfect when I do.