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Thursday, April 9, 2015

A Minor Bend In The River

Hi all. This is River's daughter posting on her behalf. She won't be putting up her story tomorrow, as she is currently in the hospital having some tests.
I won't go into detail, as I'd hate to accidentally overstep on how much personal stuff gets shared, but she did ask me to let you all know that she's briefly out of commission.

Hopefully she'll be out and posting again soon. We'll keep you updated.

.                                                          A River of Blood....?


  1. Hope all turns out ok and River returns to home and Angel soonest! :) Thanks for posting and letting us know.. :)

  2. I am so sorry. Thank you, and her for letting us know - and send her our good wishes please.

  3. First, thank you Kalamac. I'm home again now, 8.15pm, walked in a half hour ago after several hours of testing and being examined inside and out. There seems to be nothing wrong, which is a relief, but I had a scare here at home and didn't want to take any chances. I now have a letter to take to my regular doctor, who will no doubt follow up with his own blood tests etc. I just hope this incident never happens again.
    I'll work on my story tomorrow and post it on Saturday.
    Angel is a bit upset, I'll give him lots of cuddles when he comes to me.

  4. Glad to hear you are home safe and sound again River...sheesh...don't scare us like that. I join with you in your hope that whatever happened doesn't happen again.

  5. Glad you're home safe, and fingers are crossed you don't have a repeat. Many thanks to you and your daughter for keeping us apprised of the situation.

  6. Snoskred; I'm home and okay, with apparently nothing wrong. Angel hasn't forgiven me yet, I disappeared at 1.30 and he was alone as the house darkened after sunset.

    Elephant's Child; I emailed you, but I'm home and fine although it will take a while for the worry to disappear from my mind.

  7. No more cheesecake for you!

    Hope everything stays OK.

  8. I am so pleased your daughter let us know, even though you were just being a drama queen :-P

  9. I'm so glad you had a daughter with access to your blog. And Angel has every right to be upset with you going all "doctor I've fallen and can't get up" drama. Any visit to a hospital is like playing Russian Roulette. So glad you survived it.

  10. I'm so glad you had a daughter with access to your blog. And Angel has every right to be upset with you going all "doctor I've fallen and can't get up" drama. Any visit to a hospital is like playing Russian Roulette. So glad you survived it.

  11. Thank you, River's daughter, for the information. I hope whatever happened does NOT happen again!!

  12. Hi River,

    Hope everything is okay ...




  13. What a lovely person your daughter is to speak on your behalf. And so good to know that you made it home in one piece after your scare. Hope you get to the bottom of whatever it was and can go on through life without having to worry. Be well, be safe and by all means do follow up with your doctore.

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  14. heart leapt into my mouth when I read this post, River...and then I saw your responses. I'm so glad all appears to be well with you. Take it easy and don't give us, Angel and yourself a scare like that you hear me??

    A hug to both you and Angel from me.

  15. Oh River, get well soon!!

    And River's daughter, THANK YOU for posting and letting us know. I will be sure to be praying for her.

  16. Damn River ! one of the last remaining hairs on my head turned white when I read the post! You take care of yourself, good blog followers are hard to find. You are in my thoughts.........

  17. Oh so sorry, hope all goes well and you are feeling in tip top condition soon.

  18. Glad you are home, hopefully it was a one off. And Angel forgives you.

  19. Delores; I was pretty scared myself, normally I don't go rushing off to hospital, but this was an unusual thing and I hadn't had any warnings. No pains, no fevers, nothing.

    Jaquelineand; I don't want a repeat episode either. And the doctors couldn't find any reason for it, even with all the tests.

    joeh; but I haven't had any yet. This is most unfair. You're probably right though, I need to lose thirty pounds and cheesecake won't help.

    Andrew; no grand-standing here, just plain scared. this is something that shouldn't happen. Not to anyone.

    lotta joy; our hospitals here are pretty good, the hardest part was sitting in the waiting room waiting my turn. after that, faced with something unusual, they test for everything and I never once was made to feel I was wasting their time.

    fishducky; I hope it never happens again too.

    Molly; I'm fine, really, just wondering why this happened.

    Plasman; everything appears to be completely normal.

    Andrea; I'm definitely following up with my doctor, if only for my own peace of mind. And of course so that he is kept in the loop in case it happens again.

    Lee; sorry to scare you. Have to admit was scared myself though, and not much scares me. Angel has forgiven me for leaving him alone in the dark.

    Happy Christine; she's a good daughter. While I was in the hospital I was in touch with both daughters. They need to know what's going on, I'm the only mum they've got.

    mohave rat; thanks for your concern. I'll take care of myself just like I always do. I wasn't unwell at all, didn't fall and hit my head or anything like that, no pain, no fever.

    Merle; I'm in tip top condition, and was yesterday too, except for that one episode. I'm perfectly fine.

    Kelley; I was glad to get home and get something to eat after all that testing and waiting. I hope it was a one-off too. Angel has forgiven me. He's wrapped around the keyboard here again.

  20. Missed this post as computer (or something) playing up. Would like to thank your daughter for taking the time to let your blogging friends know that you were out of commission. Will now read the next post (your own).