Words for Wednesday

The original Words for Wednesday was begun by Delores and eventually taken over by a moveable feast of participants when Delores had computer troubles.

The aim of the words is to encourage us to write, a story, a poem, whatever comes to mind.
If you are posting an entry on your own blog, please let us know so we can come along and read it.

This month the words are supplied by ME and can be found right here.

This week's words are:

1. caldera
2. Merlin
3. unicorn
4. crossbow
5. thoughtless
6. stunning


1. glinting
2. crop
3. valley
4. particular
5. deliberately
6. cave

Let the creativity begin!


  1. Replies
    1. here we go:

      The sunlight glinting off the water pooled in the caldera was blinding but Shannon, with the aid of her iggaak she had acquired from her last adventure, could see Merlins reflection. The stunning white unicorn posed dramatically at the lip of the caldera. He made quite the picture against the backdrop of cobalt blue sky and fluffy white clouds. She deliberately raised her crossbow and with particular care aimed at an outcropping of shale just beneath the delicate hooves.

      "Don't even think about it." Merlin snarled in a decidedly un-unicornish voice. "I have no desire to topple into the valley below us as a result of your thoughtless, while no doubt hilarious, actions. "What's that?" he barked. "Just to your left and about 20 feet down. It looks like a cave entrance."

      Shannon whooped. "It looks like THE cave entrance." she shrieked. "Get over here and we'll investigate."

    2. only slightly confused; wow, this is interesting. I want to know more about that cave and why she was going to topple Merlin. iggaak? a made up magical device? I like it.

    3. Ah, a real adventure! The great start ot a fun story, i hope.

    4. I love, Delores...well done. :)

    5. everyone knows you better not mess with a unicorn!

  2. A fun, interesting group of words, River.

    "Such a conflicting, perplexing character Jason was. One moment he was a THOUGHTLESS, inconsiderate, self-absorbed narcissist, and then, seemingly DELIBERATELY, just to keep others on their toes, without prior warning, he’d switch personality.

    As if by the magic powers of the legendary wizard, MERLIN, in a blink of his GLINTING, mischievous eyes, he’d become a totally different personality all together; one who couldn’t do enough to help others. He’d bend over backward; go to the ends of the earth; stand at the edge of a CALDERA while the volcano was still exploding, if necessary, to prove he cared.

    His transition from one complex individual to another of pure heart and soul was STUNNING. Unexpectedly, he’d turn into a creature of virtuous purity; a mythical UNICORN in disguise...chaste and unsullied.
    When asked by his friend Marcus who, like Jason, was a farmer, to accompany him to hunt and kill the predator he, Marcus, suspected was living in a CAVE in the VALLEY across the way, Jason refused point blank.

    Marcus had just planted a large CROP of vegetables and grains. Over the past couple of nights an unknown animal had wantonly ruined a vast area of the cultivation. The creature must be destroyed, just as it was destroying Marcus’ livelihood.

    The gentle side of Jason wouldn’t allow him to kill an animal, not even a fly, no matter what damage it had caused. As usual, he came up with a PARTICULAR excuse as to why he wouldn’t assist in the hunt and slaughter.

    Marcus was a member of the local CROSSBOW club. Picking up his weapon, he shook his head in anger as he stormed away mumbling to himself."

    1. Great job........Jason sounds like a good guy.

    2. Lee; interesting use of the words. Jason doesn't want to help Marcus kill anything, but maybe he could come up with a plan to move the destructive animal away from Marcus' crops?

    3. Jason sounds like someone to keep a close watch on.

  3. The mind boggles at those words - would be a fantasy one.

    1. Margaret-whiteangel; I was watching a fantasy show when I decided on these words.

  4. I have posted my words on my blog.

    1. vest; I'll be over a bit later, got some catching up to do here at home. was out longer than expected and now need to reassure my cat.

  5. O S C I am too but what is an Iggaak ? do you greet it eat it beat it or heat it or seat it?
    Wouldn't like too meet one in the dark.

    Nice Words.

    1. An Iggaak is a pair of Eskimo sunglasses very useful in reducing glare on snow and/or water.

  6. LEE. How odd we have e a Jason within our extended tribe; Fits the bill exactly but without the transformation.
    (2) Some time back I purchased a device to keep animals away from the veggie patch. It turned out to be a heap of Poo.

  7. Cindi; I'm enjoying your mystery very much :)

  8. Glinting.
    Crossbow This is my Story, Titled..
    Stunning. 'The Village Fete'

    The village Fete was aways deliberately held during the most promising sunny day during mid - July when the vast majority of the population of Lower Frogsbottom, a Village within a valley of the Chilterns in rural Oxfordshire England
    The mass hysteria, centred mostly around the beer tent and other local yokel exciting happenings were the guessing of the weight of the pig. an unfortunate little porker destined for the Barbeque, other exciting activities, like dipping the lady and the inevitable Cocoanut Shy.

    As was the usual thing the opening ceremony was always heralded by the arrival of the village Squire The Hon Sir Marmaduke Calders Smythe The 14th Earl of Frogsbottom. and or his Trophy wife. The former beautiful Anna Comeley, now lady Frogsbottom; three decades his junior also unknown to her husband as the Bike,

    On this particular day the beautiful Lady Comely had arrived on her black stallion and wearing the Red and Black riding habit together with the riding crop, her flowing blonde hair glinting in the rays of the sun - with her stunning angelic countenance mindful of the long gone Fox hunting days of yore.

    It was not only the village boys who were enjoying this spectacle but the local Damsels too who were observing the commotion being created among the four-legged fillies mounted by other less important upper-class snobs - being caused by the excitement of lady Comley's Stallion.

    The seemingly thoughtless late arrival of Sir Marmaduke in his Rolls Royce motor car with the new quiet Merlin engine, suitably adorned with the heraldic sign depicting a Unicorn Together with a Crossbow; which few could understand the meaning of. the duke then announced that there had been a Cave in at the edge of the pond near his residence which was unfortunate being that the Ducking stool used in the ceremony had plunged to the bottom of the forty fathom deep pond formerly a chalk quarry some four hundred years ago

    So instead of the Ducking ceremony we are having the Witch burning ceremony being reintroduced which caused much wailing of the village Hags, who in days gone by were the unfortunate victims of this cruelty which supposedly solved the funny goings on around the time of the 1600's, when witch hunting was a sport and reduced the age of some women particularly if they were deemed as Ugly and therefore a Witch .

    So being burned at the stake the body being Barbequed so to speak meant a feed for the local dogs or any New Zealander with a taste for 'Long Pig.'

    Suddenly the whole fete area became chaotic, a fox had sneaked in much to the delight of the local dogs who gave chase among a mix of people and horses, Horses and dogs ran amok in a scene of devastation never before seen at Frogsbottom. No deaths were reported.

    Vest .... Daily Gaggle. back soon,.


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