Words for Wednesday

The original Words for Wednesday was begun by Delores and eventually taken over by a moveable feast of participants when Delores had computer troubles.

The aim of the words is to encourage us to write, a story, a poem, whatever comes to mind.
If you are posting an entry on your own blog, please let us know so we can come along and read it.

This month the words are supplied by ME and can be found right here.

This week's words are:

1. petrichor
2. sunlit
3. squinted
4. comfortable
5. disrupted
6. phones


1. personal space
2. copper
3. granite
4. quarry
5. squat
6. parched

Let the creativity begin!


  1. Now that is an interesting word, I had to look it up. Petrichor: a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.

    1. Grace; I had to look it up too, it was in a book I was reading and I liked it. I remember the smell too from my days in the mid north of my state where it is very dry.

  2. A great selection and a great month. You've done us proud for February. Now I need to find my tin foil thinking cap.

    1. Here we go...

      Sam squatted beside a giant outcropping of granite in the sunlit quarry and squinted into the bright light. It was not a comfortable position but a necessary one as he tried to avoid Mirabelle who insisted on invading his personal space. He couldn’t really blame her. He knew she was terrified.

      “I’m parched” Mirabelle whined, “and that last solar flare disrupted phone service. Anything copper in the cell phones is totally fried.”

      She looked up as rain drops spattered sporadically into the dust around her feet.

      Sam sighed. “Well, don’t expect to drink in the heavenly petrichor of rain washed air. I don’t think black rain will have the same effect as regular rain on the atmosphere.”

      Thanks for a great month River. My turn for March.

    2. only slightly confused; well done with the words. Black rain? I'm looking forward to your words next month.

    3. Read your story on your blog. Loved it. Look forward to your WFW next month.

  3. Petrichor had me scratching my head as well. Black rain--scary pollution hits.

    Come by my site again, please. I fixed the photo problem. Grrr.

    1. Susan Kane; I'll come by a bit later, have some legal nightmare to be sorting out.

  4. My story today is as follows...

    "She always felt COMFORTABLE sitting on the floor with her elbows resting on the sturdy, SQUAT table.

    The table’s unique top had dozens of COPPER coins pressed into it.

    Whenever she sought PERSONAL SPACE it was to study she went.

    There she was away from the main hub of the house; there she wouldn’t be DISRUPTED by the ringing of the PHONES.

    Gone were the days when there was just one phone in the house. Now everyone had their own mobile phone. The constant, annoying sounds of their ringtones drove her crazy. She needed her peace and quiet.

    A smile spread across her face.

    As clear as a SUNLIT day, her beloved, late grandfather’s words flowed through her mind.

    Throughout her childhood and beyond, every time he found her sitting at the table, handmade by him, her grandfather would say... “A penny for your thoughts”.

    Out of the blue, an unexpected shower of rain passed over.

    The PARCHED ground welcomed the longed-for moisture. The air was ripe with the unmistakable, pleasant PETRICHOR; that distinctive, dewy, sweet smell when rain falls on dusty, dry earth.

    The cat scampered up the GRANITE stairs, and then through the open front door in search of shelter.

    It never took much to cause “Whisky” to lose interest in hunting down a QUARRY. He knew there was always food in his bowl.

    In his feline reckoning he figured why get his paws dirty when there was no need to do so!

    She SQUINTED at “Whisky” as he sidled against her, purring loudly - his fur still damp.

    “Will you never learn that those birds are smarter than you, mister? They’re always teasing and toying with you! Don't waste your energy. You won’t win the game!”

    1. I love this! Especially the table and her grandfather's words. What a wonderful memory!

    2. Ah, a beautiful slice of life. Lovely details.

    3. I would love that table with the coin top. Loved your story Lee. Mine is posted on my blog today.

  5. Thanks for your hospitality during the month of February, River. :)

    1. Lee; I love your story and can just imagine the table covered with pennies, each one a payment for her thoughts.

  6. Thanks to Grace for looking up petrichor for us!

  7. Replies
    1. Cindi Summerlin; I love your story, I can feel your longing for Spring in the words.

    2. thank you, River, it has been a long winter.


  8. The words were chosen By (River).







    This is my Story,. " Do you have a new friend."

    It was quite chilly when I had opened the bedroom french windows and stepped into the sunlit

    seating area where my son was sitting at the table doing the daily crossword ( the one I always have to finish).

    "What is a Petrichor' he asks, "Dunno Say's I, how is it spelled" " have a dekko " he Say's, I squinted in the sunlight as I bent down to read without my spectacles," Sounds dodgy to me," says I; I wouldn't eat one." His reply was interrupted by his cell phone, a second later the house phone in the kitchen was ringing loud enough to hear down the street. both Phones ringing in concert usually meant a problem.. However, the House phone stopped ringing as I arrived; Couldn't have been that important.I thought

    I returned to the bedroom where I stripped the bed. The cleaning lady will remake the bed with clean linen very soon.

    I am becoming set in my habits and become annoyed when my sleeping routine is disrupted during the night by the departure during the night of the heavy headboard from the base of my comfortable

    Queen Sized Bed..

    The large Pillow I had placed behind the loose headboard was still there when the cleaning lady arrived, who saw the pillow between the wall and the headboard and asked with a smile " Do you have a new friend "'Oh" I replied " do you mean the pillow to stop the banging on the wall' 'Just a thought Say's she"." Wishful thinking" says " I.

    This is no consolation, for the next six days I will be left with the bed making problem, the prime cause being the devastation that the demise of my dear lady wife causes me.. My problems begin early. when as soon as I am dressed I have to make the bed and it is no joke making a Queen sized bed single handed. I have to run from one side of the bed to the other and no sooner is one side smoothly tucked in than the other side gets out of order again. Making a single bed is easy: the problem of tackling a larger bed alone is one I have never had to face before.

    Sweet Dreams Vest ... back soon.

    1. Vest; a good story. Had a laugh at "well I wouldn't eat one".
      I remember the days of running from one side of the queen bed to the other, pulling sheets straight and tucking them in. I have the same trouble now with the king single, which is bigger than a regular single, so I'm getting plenty of exercise just making the bed every day.

    2. Yes, making beds gets complicated, and as a cleaning lady, i can tell you there are few tricks that really work. Nice story!

    3. Very fun story. I feel like it is running around my bed to make it as well.

    4. a lovely story, and if it is not fiction, then my sincerest condolences. making a queen bed is a challenge, and since i tend to be a glutton for punishment, i'm trying to wrangle a king out of two twins when we reach a point of adding to our furniture collection.

  9. I have posted on my blog as well as here. i shall have a lie down soon I am very tired.

    1. Vest; don't lie on the bed, you'll have to run around making it again :)

  10. I'm a bit parched on this rather humid day, think I will have a drink! :)

    1. Margaret-whiteangel; I'm a little parched myself, after being outside sweeping up leaves and dead-heading roses.

  11. Replies
    1. messymimi; your story is intriguing and really needs a chapter two.

  12. Hi! Could you please check my post and let me know if the photos are up?

  13. This doesn't sound like a good way to spend your day, but I am glad that you went in and got yourself checked, and that you are back home resting with Lola.

    ** Royal1688**


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