decision time at chez River

I have two options.

1. give up eating spaghetti in all its forms.

2. buy an adult sized bib.

Because this is what happens every time >>

Every. Single. Time.

See those spots?
Spaghetti sauce.
Oddly enough, when I wear the yellow t-shirt, the spots are bigger and more numerous.

I do like spaghetti, and ravioli, and lasagna.............


  1. I used to have a problem with food falling on my chest, but since menopause, it all rolls right off.

  2. I had the same problem until I started to wear black top when I have to eat pasta or laksa. Or you can tuck a napkin into your collar.

  3. Sadly I tend to catch food on my chest. Not every meal - but most of them. Particularly if they are things which are likely to stain.

  4. My other half tends for some reason to be a messy eater so when we eat at home I now provide him not with a serviette but one of our older teatowels which covers him from neck to waist and beyond. I am having a lot less trouble watching for stains on his clothes when doing the laundry now. Just a thought.
    I always use a serviette at home but don't like tucking them in when eating out. lol

  5. It could be painful, but perhaps we should all eat pasta bare topped.

  6. Hi River,

    Easy - buy a bib. Spaghetti is just too nice to give up.




  7. Or you could find yourself a shirt that is spaghetti coloured. No WAY am I giving up spahetti. I'll eat it nude if I have to.

  8. No contest. Wear a bib if you must, but you can't give up the noodles! My hubby tends to wear clothing that's the same color as what we're eating. The smartie. Me, I have a lot of stained shirts. Or tuck a bunch of paper towels in at my neck and let it cover me. (Oh yes, I'm terribly fashionable...)

  9. You sound like my sister. She's good natured about it now, and the kids sort of keep an eye on her to see when the first drop will land. I wonder if there's money on the side.

  10. murr brewster; even sauce?

    mm; black could work, but then I'd forget to wash it and go about smelling like pasta sauce.

    Elephant's Child; with me, it's only pasta sauce.

    Mimsie; I'm thinking of sewing ties onto a hand towel to tie on when eating spaghetti, since things tucked into my collar generally just fall straight out again.

    Andrew; ummm, no.

    Plasman; I'll make a bib from an old hand towel.

    Delores; that's a good idea too.

    Susan; I think a bib is the way to go, I really can't see myself giving up spaghetti.

    Joanne; I'm sort of used to it, but get annoyed when I forget the stains and just toss things in the machine which then have to be rewashed.


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