how do you spell freedom?


And I'm having one.
Right now.

Left work today and I'm not going back.
I booked this holiday a while ago and recently went to the office to apply for an extension.

I have a lot of leave accumulated and I think an extended period of not lifting heavy bags and not standing in one spot for four hours at a time can only be good for me.

I'll take things easy, get lots of sleep, continue with the swimming until it gets too cold and do some mild exercise of the stretching variety. And some walking too.
I'll be able to wean myself off the large amounts of painkillers I take daily just to be able to work.
I don't take them on weekends because I'm able to stop and rest or lie down if my back begins to ache. (can't do that at work)

All this has to be beneficial surely.
The best part?
I get to sleep in.
Another good thing?
I don't have to wait around at bus stops and then spend about an hour bracing myself against the turns and sudden stops as the buses carry me to and from work.

My only worry is that after an extended time off, I may not want to go back. 
(Actually not too worried about that.)

A quote from the story I'm currently reading says it all.

"There were miles behind me, and miles ahead, and plenty of time on the clock. I had no ambitions and very few needs. I would be OK, whatever came next."

I'll be okay, whichever path I eventually choose.


  1. Change is in the wind.

  2. I am sure it won't be indolence and procrastination but just a good break, permanent or otherwise. Enjoy yourself.

  3. And please find time to keep us posted on what you find to do these next many weeks.

  4. I've worked as a builder's labourer and I've worked as a brickie's labourer and say that checkout work in a supermarket is about the hardest work I've seen. On building sites you get plenty of time just loafing around but checkout work is relentless. It's hard on your mind, it's hard on your body, and it's lowly-paid. On top of that you have to be nice to people and some of them are pigs. I've witnessed the rudeness checkout girls cop at times and it gets me furious, it's as though they're legit targets for anyone to dump their anger on.
    Don't go back, you might miss the lunchtime chats etc, but if you can get by without the piddling wages don't go back there.

  5. Delores; change is what I'm after.

    Andrew; there'll be quite a lot of indolence to begin with. A few weeks of complete relaxation to help the inflammations and aching muscles etc to calm down.

    Joanne Noragon; don't worry, you can't get rid of me easily.

    R.H. it is physically relentless, but not at all hard on the mind, in fact it's quite boring. Most of my customers have been super nice, but just last Wednesday one who is known to most of us was so rude to a friend she had to go upstairs until she could stop crying.
    I haven't completely decided about going back but there's a better than good chance I won't.

  6. A holiday sounds like a wonderful idea


  7. Have a wonderful, restorative break. Not taking pain killers day after day is almost a holiday in itself. And sleeping in and reading are bliss when they can be achieved...

  8. Im so jealous of you River, half your luck. Enjoy your sleep ins (sleeps in?) enjoy your relaxing walks.

  9. Fantastic news....Enjoy!! Enjoy!!! Painkillers are not good especially the strong ones. It took me years to get used to not working but I've finally got the hang of it and sleeping in is fantastic. I even find sharp turns etc in a car are pretty bad so doubt I'd be much good on a bus. Phil had to catch one recently and even he had trouble and didn't feel comfortable.
    That quote: It sounds very much like something Jack Reacher would have said. Am I correct there?
    P.S. I feel very much like writing to the people that make Panadol Osteo who now advertise if your arthritis is bad you can get back to playing 18 holes of golf again if you take Panadol Osteo. I've been taking them for years and find they don't even do much for the tiny aches and pains. To me it is false advertising of the worst kind. I have problems at times just walking to the letter box and back!!!!

  10. PixieBlossom; I don't usually work Fridays, so it doesn't feel like a holiday yet, but it will on Monday morning.

    Elephant's Child; it will be a holiday for my liver for sure.

    Tempo; the walks will have to be built up to, I can't even make it around the block with my back complaining. Work has broken me.

    Mimsie; I tried Panadol Osteo and it's useless. It's a slow release formula, supposed to work over several hours, but it doesn't. I was taking the chemist brand of panadol with codeine, supposed to be two tablets every four to six hours, but I was taking four at a time every three hours all day, every day. That's way too much codeine. Sometimes I would be taking prescription strength instead, that's even more codeine. It has to stop before I get sick.
    Yes, the quote is Jack Reacher, from "The Affair".

  11. Sounds like a very well deserved break (physical and mental) to me. Enjoy doing not much of anything at all and then nap afterwards!

  12. Naps are featured strongly on my list of things to do.
    Plus a visit to Victor Harbor. I plan to sit on the rocks and look at the ocean. With my camera.

  13. I was just about to ask if you were going somewhere nice, then I saw your comment above about Victor Harbor! If you're down that way, I know for sure that the Port Elliott Bakery is one of the best in SA, if not the whole country!!!

  14. Working for an airline for 10 years wasn't so good for my back either, so I get where you're coming from and a holiday sound great... think of all the wonderful creative things you can do, the places you can visit with your camera and the books you can read! Enjoy!

  15. Red Nomad OZ; Port Elliot that in Victor Harbor itself or easily got to by bus? Let me check my map, I may have to plan an extra day....

    gaby@727m2; I'll take my kindle, but might not get much reading done. There'll be a lot of gazing at the waves. I plan on going in the cooler weather.

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