I hate this...kill me now

Not literally of course, I'm not ready to die just yet.

But.......I rolled out of bed on Sunday morning and found I couldn't straighten up.

Spent the whole day hunched over and hobbling around like I was 90 with a hump worthy of the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

From ribs to tailbone, I was stiff and in a little (a lot, but I've had worse) pain.

Monday, I rolled out of bed and stood up without even thinking about it.
Then as I walked into the kitchen, I realised I was fully upright.


Sadly, that didn't last past breakfast.

I lifted my left foot onto the toilet lid and tied my shoelace, then lifted my right foot, bent forward to tie my shoelace and my entire lower back screamed at me.

Not literally of course, backs don't have voices, but the sudden wrenching pain had me voicing a few words I don't normally use.

You get the idea.

All plans of swimming were immediately put on hold as I swallowed anti-inflammatories and pain killers.
Doctors will tell you not to take those together, but either one without the other doesn't work for me, so both it is. Just don't tell my doctor.

As it is, I don't think anti-inflammatories do much good, since I don't think my back is actually inflamed. There's no swelling of any kind, it's more a severe muscle spasm, a giant cramp type of thing. 

Resting on the couch with a hot water bottle to ease the spasm, lying on the bed with my legs up on pillows, hobbling around the flat a few times as a token form of exercise, that's how the rest of the day went.

Luckily I had scheduled my Sunday and Monday posts last Saturday, as just reading and commenting in between naps was all I had any interest in. 
And my kindle hasn't left my side.

I'll be staying on the painkillers and taking things easy for the rest of the week.

After I make a trip into town later this morning.
There is something going on that I want to see.
And yes, you'll all hear about it here.


  1. Sounds horribly painful. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  2. Take care.....helpful and healing thoughts going out.

  3. I had the same problem in Feb. Very annoying, took a few days to recover. Hope yours mend soon.

  4. You poor thing. I know just how you feel.

    Hope you are better soon

  5. I can both empathise and sympathise. My back is at the stage where nothing further can be done so I just have to get on with it. It is definitely the muscles that hurt. Spasms. Ouch! You need massage to get rid of those lumps that form. I use Dencorub as I can't take NSAIDs and see my physio as often as I can.
    Do hope your back will be lots better soon. Just take it easy.

  6. Molly; I'm feeling okay now, as I'm loaded up with painkillers and I've been resting a lot. another day or two and I'll be back to what is normal for me.

    Delores; thank you, I'm being extra careful with bending etc, getting down on my knees for things, or squatting, rather than bending over.

    mm; I've been having this off and on since 1986 so I'm well used to it. I just get newly surprised by it when it happens after I've been "good" for a few months.

    Blossom; I understand again how you feel now. But mine goes away for a while, I have weeks at a time where I can forget about it.

    Joanne; very easy! I've walked gently and done a lot of lying down, which leads to napping which is also good.

    Mimsie; I've found that massage hurts as much as the physio does, so I'm avoiding both and sticking with the hot water bottle for easing the spasms and walking and swimming for the good days.

  7. sadly I share your pain far to often, half the time I dodnt even know what I've done but just like you I hobble about like I need a walking frame. I find alternating hot and cold water showers helps. (5 min of each in turn 4 or 5 times but always finishing cold. Told to my by my chiropractor) anti inflammatory do help, the muscle fibres are inflamed but you cant see that.

  8. Oh River, that is just awful. I do hope that it continues to improve - and in fact is completely better very soon. And yes, I also take anti-inflammatories and pain killers together - and my doctor has never told me not to.

  9. Oh you poor thing! My sister has similar issues and can spend up to a full week unable to move. It's not fair!

    I wish you good drugs and something interesting to watch/read/stare at.

    Oh, and something tasty...


  10. Oh, you poor thing. Few things are more painful than a bad back. Not exactly the way you planned on catching up on your reading, huh?

  11. Crikey River, your back pain sounds pretty serious - time to see a doctor?

  12. Crikey River,

    A work colleague of mine has been suffering with a bad back for a few weeks now and has therapy for it - he is approaching your age too.

    It seems to be getting better so it is probably worth seeing somebody if it persists.




  13. I have frequent back problems too, comes with the territory when you are top heavy...the chiropractor seems to be the only thing that gets me out of it. I hope you are pain free SOON, it's the worst feeling to be immobile!

  14. First thing I do when I get home after sitting in too small hospital chairs is put an ice pack on my lower spine. This usually stops the muscle spasms hitting in the middle of the night. Magnesium tablets help as well.

  15. Tempo; like you, I rarely know what I've done to bring this on. I've heard about the hot and cold shower treatment, but adjusting my tap is tricky, so I'll stick with the hot water bottle between the couch cushion and me, plus the anti-inflammatories and panadeines.

    Elephant's Child; it will never be completely better, but it will get to the point where I can move freely and forget about it until next time.

    Pearl; I'm usually good after two or three days. I have plenty of things to read and watch, but I'll skip the something tasty, my jeans are too tight around my middle as it is.

    Susan; with the aid of hot water bottles and plenty of panadeine, the reading is being caught up on. I've read five books this last week.

    Kath Lockett; I've seen doctors, they poke and prod and say bend this way, bend that way, bend forward...doesn't seem to be anything serious, rest and exercise, take panadol for the pain. They'll prescribe stronger anti-inflammatories if I don't have any, but that's it. I'm giving up on doctors.

    Plasman; it's been persisting off and on since 1986. I've found that physio has me laid up in more pain for longer, so I'm choosing to stick with my own treatment routine.

    Jennifer Kay; I'm almost pain free today, Wednesday, so fingers crossed it stays that way. I understand about the top heavy syndrome, since putting on the weight I've gone up several bra sizes and have noticed more discomfort in the neck and shoulder area. I often wonder why some women voluntarily increase their breasts to such huge proportions.

    JahTeh; ice packs don't seem to help, and they're cold, I'll choose the hot water bottle every time, often as soon as I get home from work. I have magnesium in the calcium tablets I take daily.

  16. No fun... I've suffered with terrible back pain in the past... years of working in the airline industry. I know that feeling only too well so totally sympathise. The thing about back pain is you can't put a bandage on it so often people don't believe you or realise the extent of pain it can cause... After years of chiropractic therapy I finally switched to a physio which made all the difference in the world... that and no longer working in the airline industry. Wishing you a speedy 'recovery'.


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