I must be losing my touch

I recently made soup, as I often do.
Vegetable soup.
Just in case you were wondering.

I served it into seven containers to be frozen and one bowl for my dinner.

It didn't seem quite right.
The broth was fine,
(it's a perfectly good word, put it in front of wine or dining and you've really got something),
 but the vegetables were a little....ummm...strong.

I ate it anyway, thinking that perhaps the next servings would mellow out a little from having been frozen.

Sadly, no.
Again, the broth was fine, while the vegetables still tasted too strong.
Perhaps I'd used too much of the green part of the leek?

I thought about thawing and tossing the lot, but changed my mind.

I thawed, then strained out the vegetables, and was left with just clear broth,
which I will have as a lunch food with crusty bread, instead of as a hearty veggie filled dinner.

Next time I make soup, I'll be more careful.


  1. Every once in a while I mess something up that I have been making successfully for years. This week it was my chili. WAY too much cayenne. If you have any rusty metal you need stripped I've got the stuff that will do the job lol.

  2. Now that's what I call Fine-Dining The French would refer to it as Mire-Poix .... very classy.

  3. Humm. Times like this I miss pictures from you. I would imagine your soup might have just been ok without the veggies?

  4. Did you identify the culprit? A rutebega among the parsnips? A morsel of cabbage past its prime? A turnip in any other dish?

  5. Delores; no rusty metal around here, perhaps you could use it as paint stripper.

    Dianne; it is a very fine broth, now that the veggies have been removed.

    Happy Elf Mom; without the veggies it was just basic stock, but after cooking veggies in it, the resulting broth is really lovely.

    Joanne Noragon; I'm 95% sure I used too much of the green part of the leek. You know how the outer leaves are a bit tough? That would be it.

  6. The new pope is interested in cooking.

    Maybe you should send him a few of your recipes?

  7. Making the best of a bit of bad luck is still good cooking....

  8. The broth sounds lovely - but it is still a shame. A frustrating shame.

  9. Not sure why.... but if it's any consolation I accidentally tipped way too much dried oregano into the spag bol last night and it tasted terribly bitter. I panicked and rang my Italian friend who said, "Chutney and tomato sauce - be generous," and the sweet kick saved it!

  10. I've been seeing hearty soup posts up all over the net tonight. Might have to try and rustle some up. My problem is always over seasoning (I'm a bit heavy handed with the salt). It's a shame when you bugger up a dish.

  11. Too bad. I probably would have saved and eaten all of it. I eat some pretty weird things. Ha

  12. I think you have to go easy on the leeks, they can overpower. How about green onions - baby leeks?

  13. Mmmm. I just love home-made soup. I find if my hubby makes soup or even casseroles in the slow cooker he tends to use too much turnip and that is a vegetable I find can overpower the taste of other vegies. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy turnips but not so much in soups etc.
    I think the way you dealt with your over flavoured soup was great as you are still getting the goodness without the strong taste and crusty bread. Yum!

  14. This pope is like no other. Homosexual priests -kiddie tamperers, will be thrown out of the church. Darlings will agree, that's a jolly good thing. Riddance of these creatures, maggots. Wretched and diseased.

  15. R.H. I'm sure the new Pope has plenty of cooks in his kitchen already, he doesn't need my soup recipe.

    Tempo; the broth is lovely as a light lunch with crusty bread and butter.

    Elephants Child; I see it as a learning curve.

    Kath Lockett; that's an interesting fix, I would never have thought to put chutney into a bolognese sauce.

    Alex; you need to taste before you season. Always. If you've already made it too salty, it can sometimes be fixed by adding a whole peeled potato which should absorb some of the salt. Discard the potato before serving.

    Manzanita; at least I'm eating the broth and the veggies...well, that's a lesson learned.

    Along These Lines; welcome to drifting. I only ever put one leek in the pot, I think this time I just cut too far into the green part. Green onions are for salad.

    Mimsie; I always have a turnip in my vegetable soup, but a very small one. Same with parsnip, small is better.

    R.H all good things and I hope it happens.

  16. Pardon me, the new pope cooks his own meals, rides public transport, he even paid his hotel bill the other day, banging cash down on the counter.

    Hey! Viva Papa!


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