I'm putting away the laptop before I do some serious damage

it won't be permanent, I'll miss you all too much.

but I've just had an hour and a half of "server can't find" and "connection timed out"

I haven't managed to read a single post from anybody, not even my own. 

I got so p****ed off, I took my little usb connection and threw it across the room.

You'll notice that it is still working after such shocking treatment, but I'm still unable to read anybody's posts.

"server can't find" etc etc

well, I've had enough.
I'm disconnecting and locking the computer in the safe until I feel calm enough to try again.


  1. So frustrating. Did you try resetting your modem?

  2. Don't despair ... A night or two in the lock- up could well do the trick.

  3. I felt like throwing things today, so I can relate to how you are feeling. Makes good sense to lock the laptop away. Hope all the issues resolve themselves tomorrow.

  4. A night in solitary will do it good. I think they call it the hole. A night in the hole should change its attitude!

  5. Oh. How convenient.

    Darlings seeing as I've actually done time in solitary it's a giggle to be addressing you. Shopkeeper magistrates and etc in my day were quick to jail urchins with no money to spend in their shops. But never mind, that's not what I'm here for, I'm here for atheists: the latest craze. A cafe society, pretension extraordinaire! And they are among pimps, pornographers, queers, grasping bastards. Unspirited, untalented, besotted by shit television. Oh golly. And cringing, crawling, wanting a pat on the head. From fools like themselves.

    Get some passion, get some talent, some autonomy.

    Get some strength!- you me-too weaklings. You've never known jail, starvation, been on the road. And yet you yak-yak-yak.

    Really, you are so poor. Atheism you are so desolate, there has to be something better. Maggie, I take the cross.

    The People vs RH.

  6. lol, we've been having sorta the same thing, the internet company we are with seems to be upgrading / downgrading and because of that, the connection is playing silly buggers...so I feel your pain.

  7. Elephant's Child; hiss and spit indeed. It's always much worse in times of heavy usage of the airwaves at Easter, Christmas and other social event times. Add in all the new smart phones etc and it's getting difficult to find a time of day when I can stay connected without problems.

    Delores; I'm not sure what a modem is...I have a mobile usb pre-paid connection.

    Dianne; a night in the lock up is to prevent me from throwing it through the nearest window in my rage.

    Kakka; welcome back. I left it locked away for two days to save it from me, while I went out and walked off some anger. I had to get it out this morning to do my centrelink report.

    Joanne; the lucky little laptop had two nights in solitary while I stewed over poor connections and too many others using airwaves I like to think of as mine.

    R.H. how can you be so sure that none of us has known starvation or been on the road? Maybe we haven't been as desperate as some, but we've all had our troubles.

    The Wicked Writer; I've been battling the on again/off again internet most of the day here. I've read a few posts, left a few comments, managed to schedule a post for tomorrow. Next year I may plan things differently and schedule way ahead of time when I know the airwaves will be overwhelmed. Unless I forget and resort to ranting and raving again.

  8. How can I be sure? Of course I can't be sure! And maybe you're a drag queen, how would I know? I've been fooled before.
    Well look here, I'm only sure none of these darlings have slept up lanes in sheets pulled from clothes lines, they're too suave. How about you? When you come here we'll hitch to Mildura, how will you like that! Just don't get upset, with poor RH. I don't get upset, it's only the effing internet, people die at their keyboards.


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