there I was, happily peppering a steak

when all of a sudden, whole and half peppercorns showered down onto the meat, the bench, even rolling onto the floor.

the little grinder mechanism had broken!

I unscrewed the top, set it aside and looked into the bottle. (jar?)

there's that little doo-dad, right down in amongst the peppercorns.

I got my little pickle grabber...

and fished it out. It can't be fixed of course, so I tossed it away.

Then I brushed the excess pepper off my steak, put the steak into the now hot pan, where it sizzled deliciously, and swept up the peppercorns from the bench and floor.

By now the steak was ready to turn, so I did that, mashed the carrot, potato, garlic mixture, (which I had started cooking before the steak), and served both steak and mash.

Mmm, perfect.
Except I now have to buy another pepper grinder. 


  1. Same thing happened to two in a row for used the coffee grinder, do up a batch and pour it into a shaker. Works like a charm. I wasn't using it for coffee anyway.

  2. They only have a limited life and alway die with a complete shutdown usually all over your dinner worse if it salt.

  3. Just don't make 'em like they used to.

  4. I once had one of those, but I never knew what it was for, least of all picking up pickles.

  5. I've never owned a pepper grinder (am just not a gadget type of person) and I don't think I'll bother now from what I read here.
    Your meal sounds super delicious though and at least there wasn't too much mess to clean up.

  6. I love hot food and especially pepper so I'd have cooked it just like it was..Yumm

  7. The skinny one really loves pepper so we always have quite a selection - and yes, the grinders have a very finite life. Sigh.
    I think he would have really liked your dinner though.
    How is your back?

  8. Delores; I have a coffee/spice grinder so now I think I will use that. Thank you.

    Merlesworld; I've never had one break before, probably because I so rarely use them. I don't eat steak all that often.

    Joanne; this was a plastic one, cheap at the supermarket, so no big loss and I still have the peppercorns, which I will now grind in my coffee grinder, thanks to Delores' suggestion.

    Andrew; they're for getting pickled onions and gherkins out of jars, I use mine for olives too.

    Mimsie; I don't have a lot of gadgets, the salt and pepper grinders were bought years ago when they were on special for half price.

    Tempo; it was too much whole pepper, those corns get stuck in the gaps in my teeth.

    Elephant's Child; There's a selection of peppers? I only see the black peppercorns when shopping. My back is fine today, thank you for asking. I was able to get out and about.


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